My Ex Started Dating A Week After We Broke Up. Secret Hookup!

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Is My Ex In A Rebound Relationship And How Can I Know For Sure Following A Breakup?

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4 Aug My girlfriend dumped me a week or so ago, and I have since gotten over her. I was already in the process of getting over her towards the end of the relationship, truthfully, because she began to push me at arm's length while hanging out with other guys and crossing a few lines here and there while hanging. 2 Aug My ex also pulled the "lets be a dick" game and when he started up with this girl he OUT OF NO WHERE! told me to sell all the jewelry he bought me to pay my . he didn't "move on so soon", he moved on while he was with you. if he was " dating" this girl a week after your breakup, then it was decided long. We had an arguement and it got worse after. All she wanted was an apology, my time and attention. I regreted all that has happened. Soon after she initiated to break up as I didn't try to understand and solve the issue within the two weeks. Two months after, I realize she is dating someone new, much older but he seems to.

Dumpees, in particular though, are devastated to learn their ex is moving on in what seems like hours, or days or weeks after a split.

Even though we can never really decipher the actions and words of another person, we try. Sadly, in some cases, they have gotten over their partner already. In a lot of cases, the ex will immediately start dating someone right away or begins playing the field. Surprising as it may seem, this is not actually the case in most instances. The fact was it was over, he had left me and the only thing I could do was get over it.

Humour me for a moment as I explain how that can possibly be. When and ex jumps straight back onto match. I would often choose to believe I mattered a lot, at times like this, and not that I meant nothing to an ex. So what seems like it might be over night to a dumpee — could have been a gradual detachment process of weeks, months maybe even years…and at the end of the day — when is an acceptable time for an ex to move on?

That makes sense to a go here degree. Except sometimes getting dumped can totally come out of nowhere. Well a few days after that he met a new girl and now two weeks later it seems like they are pretty much My Ex Started Dating A Week After We Broke Up. And funny thing is a few weeks before he broke up with me I tried to break up with him and he cried and begged me not to. I also feel humiliated. My ex breaks up with me at the beginning of December, and later I see a picture online with him and another girl.

So I ask him about it because we had been talking for a while, and he said he starting dating her over Christmas break. I had an interesting situation that happened last year.

Is My Ex In A Rebound Relationship And How Can I Know For Sure Following A Breakup?

I had gone to a bible college and met this guy- who is from China. We hit it off really well. I had no feelings for him at all in the beginning and I had a boyfriend at the time anyway. Our school had a formal Christmas Banquet and he asked me by a cut out piece of paper on the back of a fall leaf.

I did not answer right away because I did not know if my boyfriend at the time would like it-so I said yes anyways because I have troubles saying no- not telling my boyfriend. So, I went up to the foreign exchange student and told him no and reasons why I could not go. My ex-boyfriend and I were not doing so well- because it was hard for me to date him- he just clearly was not my type. For some reason JoJo, guy from Chinacalled me and asked if I was okay and I remember distinctly what happened next.

Enter a new girl into the picture. Hi Joe, unfortunately it's hard for you to do that without coming across as desperate and wanting her back. Before I starte dating him I was aware that he was frequently in relationships with girls.

I balled on the phone and told him everything. It was like I felt comfortable enough to vent on the phone with him. He told me that he would pray for me and then-boyfriend Terrence. When Terrence and I broke up finally-this sounds so bad-and he deserves a good girl, but I felt free! JoJO, talked with me the next day and saw that on my facebook, my relationship status was back to being single again.

After that we got together more-even went on a couple of dates! It was awesome and I started to realize that I was falling for this guy. We would talk until late in the morning about anything!

My Ex Started Dating A Week After We Broke Up

He even told me that he prayed that I would go to the banquet with him! I really started to like how caring he was-like I was special to him and no other girl fit his bill… As time moved on, I started to notice less communication from him. I understood that we had finals coming up and such, but he did not make phone calls when he said he would. The only thing he did was put stuff in my mailbox-usually chocolate.

I could not understand it. Then, he would say that he had forgotten to call me. Why did he pray about me to go to a banquet with him and then disconnect all communication with me.

So, I started to test the waters. I started to talk and laugh with another guy just to see if he would notice- sure enough he did. Next, I was sitting at lunch by JoJo and told him what a beautiful spring day to go for a walk.

Right away he said that he had homework to do-I did not even ask him if he wanted to go. The last banquet of the year, Spring Banquet, was coming up really quick and I was wondering when he was going to ask me to go with him.

Something happened during the spring banquet he was asking about some other girl and made me really upset- I mean before he told me I was gorgeous and he said nothing like that the whole night. I kept complimenting to him about everything-I started to feel like I was just his little sister that he had to watch and make her feel happy.

I was debating whether or not I should go to the movies afterwards, but I did. He noticed my distance and finally asked what was wrong when I told him, he cleared up my misunderstandings of what he meant about the girl-maybe he was lying because one time during our phone conversations he was talking about this exact girl for five min. Anyways, I finally told him that I liked him and that I did not understand what was going on. I think your pretty good. Now, after finals was over, he had plenty of time to My Ex Started Dating A Week After We Broke Up or hangout and he did not take the time or opportunity to do it.

I was so confused-still am! After we graduated, he asked me if we could have a picture together and I said sure-but I did not let it happen, because he did not deserve it after what he did to me-so I left. Later on facebook, he wrote on my wall how he wished he had gotten a picture with me. So, I figured maybe he just does not know how to write to girls or something.

I wrote him a letter telling him that I miss him and want to stay in contact with him over the continue reading. He responded not saying that he missed me as click to see more but that it will be interesting to figure out how to stay in contact with you since China has blocked a lot of click here. I told him he could call-no response back… I decided to delete him as a friend on facebook to move on that way I was not checking up on him or doing his role chasingbut moving on and I was slowly-takes me a while generally.

After a couple of months passed, guess who asks me to be his friend. I decided to be his friend because he was my great friend and I really did not want to lose him- I would literally have no other way of getting to him since he lives on the other side of earth. I learned through a friend, that he asked another girl to the Christmas banquet-he liked this girl a year before he like me and I think he never got over her. She did not go with him and as soon as that happened, that is when he asked me to be his friend on facebook.

Am I just another option? If she did say yes, would he have still asked me to be his friend? What happened about the whole getting married to an asian thing? Was that just an excuse so he would not hurt my feelings? I am torn at what to do-part of me truelly misses him and another part says he does not deserve it… What should I do?!

My Ex Started Dating A Week After We Broke Up

Please understand that his culture is not as civilized as ours. They think very different and it took me a very long time and age to understand that. Their feelings and and understanding of the American culture is nothing like theirs. Even read more but at least I knew a way to make sense with others. I loved her to death and she is what made me happy then realized how much she meant to me regardless what my parents said about her not being Viet.

If Jojo cared about you as much as I did, you would have seen it the same way my ex did we split for other reasons, but this is not about me lol I applaud you for your honestly letting terrence and jojo the truth. You seem like a nice girl and everything happens for a reason.

Now every time a song comes on it reminds me of her, or a movie we would see together or just out of the blue I feel like crying. He used to say I was the only per so he could talk to and listen to. Keep on pushing through. You said you made this guy your world. We saw eachother a few times after the break up just so i could ask some questions but when we met it was so nice we just caught up with eachother and had a laugh.

Forgive him and understand his feelings and misunderstood actions. If you do not learn to forgive and and understand, you will be in an unhappy state and stay confused for a long time. Do not be like me and let the anger get the best of you. As long as you got air to breathe, you will always have another chance for happiness, and you will deserve every bit of it. I was in a relationship with this guy for a year.

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We talked for around 2 months, and then we met up in person finally. For the 2 months that we talked, it was everyday and we texted constantly, more he did the texting and calling.

Within a month, he wanted me deleting guys from my phone and and within months he would make fun of saying he was the husband and we would have kids, and proved he was committed. Then we were fighting, and i should have mentioned by now he used to verbally and emotionally abusive.

Then we saw eachother a couple days later, had sex, and he admitted again he loved me and sry for all the shit that has happened. For 3 months I thought about him constantly, everything reminded me of him literally, and i was beginning to obsess over him like he used to over me.

Is Your Ex In a Rebound Relationship? Find Out With These Telltale Signs

Then when i found out one day he had facebook and all these girls he used to hate, i was furious! For a weekend I had an emotional breakdown, i was crushed. Imagine a person telling u all this and for months i used to pretend him and i were together. I know i emotionally hurt him and he used to tell me that. He used to say our kiss matched and i was perfect and just everything was.

Does he secretly love me? Hon I am so sorry to hear your tale of woe. Really you want A guy but not this guy. Really guys tend to be less manipulative than women…and if he wanted to be with you — he would be.

My hope for you is that you work on feeling better about yourself — work on self esteem and really knowing your worth. Click will then attract someone similar. Not someone who sorta bans you from using FB or hanging with your friends.