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Does A Love Woman Much Why So A Man

8 Things Men Do When They Love A Woman

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Don't second-guess if your man loves you. Read these signs and know for sure. 10 Nov For these men adore women. Unlike conventional philanderers, they respect them. They respect them so much that they would rather spend an evening with a girl than a bloke; and if they get sex at the end of the evening, well, why not? "I have always loved women," says Dylan, 34, a copywriter in a small. 21 Apr What does a man really need from a woman he's dating? In fact, answering such a question requires a thorough understanding of male psychology, human psychology, love, behavioral patterns the list could As social norms and the way we date and view relationships change, so does what we want.

Ian is currently an apprentice at the Kabarole christian fellowship, handling relationship and marriage counselling. I know what you are thinking. For a man to be involved with more than one woman at the same time, he must be utterly selfish. Men who do such a thing check this out be greedy, lustful losers with no consideration for the feelings of their female counterparts, right?

These arguments are completely false: It is possible for men to be in love with more than one woman at the same time, Why Does A Man Love A Woman So Much no two women are the same. Some are good listeners, others are great cooks, and some have strong supportive personalities. If a man finds all of these traits in one woman, he has no reason to look elsewhere. Not everyone is this lucky, though.

A friend recently told me that when a man in a relationship finds himself in love with another woman, he is falling into a trap of emotional infidelity. To him, a man can only love and share his life with one woman. He believes a man is no longer in love with his girlfriend or wife, or that there may be a problem with their relationship, if he is beginning to fall for another woman. But this can only be true if the man tries to hide his feelings.

How he decides to deal with his newfound love is what will constitute the concept of cheating. Most men believe the best article source to do is to keep their newfound love as far away as possible from their girlfriend or wife. This is usually in an attempt to protect her from heartbreak, but it is a huge mistake. When a man does this, the newfound love becomes a secret affair, and secrets require one to lie—or to tell only part of the truth, instead of the whole truth—in order to stay secret.

This can be legitimately considered cheating. Many wonder why married people cheat rather than simply ending the relationship. So how does a man go about loving multiple women at the same time without being considered a cheater? Love thrives on truth, trust, and communication. As crazy as it may sound, the right thing for a man to do is to disclose his new love to his mate. If he doesn't tell her the truth, he will doubtless be branded a cheating, self-centered jerk with no morals—not just by her, but by other men, as well.

5 Things Men LOVE About Women!

The man should tell his partner that he is in love with a new woman who's constantly on his mind. He should choose the moment to break the news with care. When link does, he should explain his reasons without sounding lusty.

The next step is for him to reiterate that his love for her has not been diminished by the new woman. He must end the relationship right then and there. A man should allow his mate the opportunity to give him her honest opinion on the matter.

Why Does A Man Love A Woman So Much

She is his first love, and he should value her opinion and her ultimate decision. If he has been genuine and honest, she is likely to listen and respond in kind.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. More content from YourTango: I think he gets stretched between us a lot as we both are very demanding of his attention. We all love them, even if it does make you a few inches taller than us.

If, by the end of the discussion, he finds there is room for a third person without destabilizing your domestic harmony, then he can go ahead with his new love.

This cannot be considered cheating. However, if she is in disagreement with his proposal, it is time for him to reevaluate the situation and set his priorities straight.

If he decides to continue his liaison with his new love, despite the objection, he is a cheat and probably deserves every bad name and insult which will inevitably be flung at him. If he loves her so much he is unable to fess up to his extracurricular activities, he is probably afraid of losing her and should give it up. This is an indication that he is only built for exclusive love. He should stick with that. It is common knowledge that romantic relationships come with no shortage of drama and stress.

Thus, a man who falls in love with more than one woman has an enormous heart. To think of a man who keeps up meaningful relationships with multiple women as selfish is to misrepresent the meaning of the word. He willingly gives himself up to more than one woman, and volunteers valuable resources such as time and money to look Why Does A Man Love A Woman So Much each of these women.

Why Does A Man Love A Woman So Much

Without hesitation, he listens and offers a shoulder to lean on, and his big heart has room for all the drama that comes with relationships. He never yields, and on those very few occasions he does, he is confronted with insults rather than the tribute he deserves.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Stupidest shit I ever read I was madly in love with Joey and knew he still loved his estranged wife. Shes the mother of his child. He hated on her and I told him he didnt have to do that with me and he was allowed to be her friend and love her for life. She helped him make his son. Thats a special bond.

They just are, fellas. More content from YourTango: I am married and, even beforemy wife and I began dating over 10yrs ago, I was honest at the beginning of our new relationship. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. We need to accept, as fact, that they are just stronger in the smarts department.

And then I fell in love with him so completely that I even said he could keep her half the week and me the other half for life if that was what would make him happy. Instead he got upset and started cheating on me and replacing his hate for her with me and ruined my life.

But I would have shared him in a closed committed relationship with her without problems had he gone about it the respectful way.

But I cant abide a cheater with no respect for me. I would have never cheated on him. Im not like that. And it still hurts me to this day. She was more dominant. I respect that as Im more submissive. He needed a balance in order to not to become the man he did. And I was all for that. But he was mean to me instead of loving and that was undeserved.

11 Little Things Men Secretly Adore About The Woman They Love

He could have whipped me evwry night to get each days frustrations out more info feel better and I would have never complained and loved every single love mark happily because I was his completely. My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago. According to him, he found someone better and went for it.

At first, I thought it was only my imagination, until other co-workers actually started noticing it too. He was also cold towards me at work, which others noticed, I continued being my cheerful self at work from Day 1 after the breakup, so my friends seem to think that he was trying to hurt me for not giving any reaction.

I still loved him, and wanted to get back together with him.

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Why Does A Man Love A Woman So Much got to know after one of my co workers introduced me to Dr Power who mends broken heart and relationships. Dr Power helped me break what the girl has done on my boyfriend and he came back to me begging me to have him back.

Dr Power's contact email is powerfulexback gmail. Do well to contact him if you're facing love issues via his direct email powerfulexback gmail. I am not disagree or agree with the topic or I am not saying it's wrong or right. This is just my point of view. I believe as human being we already are born with the nature of searching for love and searching for pleasure. However, if you can find two women fall in love with or two men fall in love with you at the same time and you all agree to share happiness together is fine - good for you - I am not saying it's wrong or right as long as no one get hurt.

I can look at this as more like Greed.

I still think the one with bigger heart is the one who only love, give, and share and not asking in return. Unconditional love, and you can't really find unconditional love in man and woman relationship. Only, holy man who lives their lives to satisfy their own desire - sex, money, fame, etc That is the man I call with enormous heart. I am in the situation where I am dating my boyfriend for many years - we don't live in the same house but our house is closed to each other. Anyway, we had a lot of fun when we're together but there are times I want to kick his behind real bad.

I mean he is a pain and so I am too I guess. We both don't want to have kids, we love our freedom and so we both don't really care about marriage and we both have many nieces and nephews, grandparents etc I kept the distance - I avoid seeing him, basically, I hide from him because I know we are not available for each other - he's married - I am loyal with my long time boyfriend. I try to compare - the two of them.

I still attract to my boyfriend - I still have please click for source with him and he is totally loyal to me.

The other one he's so cute, easy to talk to, seem like he understand me just like that In conclusion, I have feeling for both of them. I have physically desire for both of them. I only can be with one person at a time. So yes, you can attract and love two guys - but I can only be with one and not the other. I'm in love with a married guy. He brought me home continue reading meet his wife.

She is a very nice person, I don't feel weird about itI love him. We take it day by day.