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He smiled at us, and got as close as he could without falling off the stage. But I'll say anyway, thank you so much, Sleeping With Sirens! I never cry, especially when I'm happy because I've never felt happy enough to do so, but I couldn't help it. I would love to see them all again.

Columbia TheaterBerlin, Germany Columbiadamm MMCBratislava, Slovakia. See all upcoming concerts The band features members of other post-hardcore bands like Broadway, For All We Know, and Paddock Park, which meant that the members were already experienced musicians before formation.

The post-hardcore genre can be known to display music that is often abrasive and often hard to digest, but Sleeping with Sirens were not afraid to take the genre in a more pop oriented direction. Their music features heavy guitar riffs as well as fast sweeping guitar leads that are layered over the thunderous sounds of the drums.

They have also played festivals such as Vans Warped Tour where they have pulled in large crowds as the main act. I have been a fan of Sleeping With Sirens for years and it doesn't take Sherlock freaking Holmes to figure out why. Sleeping with Sirens is one of those great all around bands for many reasons, and can be easily enjoyed by just about anyone, not just the teenage girls that are in love with the attractive men Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta the band although Justin Hills is quiet click. One fantastic thing about Sleeping With Sirens is they're one of those bands that really appreciates their fans and they show that at concerts.

I have never felt more secure and accepted in a group of concert goers, which is saying something. Because Kellin Quinn the lead vocal of the band really makes sure everyone is safe and comfortable, it's hard to find a band that so clearly cares about their fans as much as these boys do, it's refreshing here makes every fan feel special.

But wonderful concert vibes aside the music itself is enough to go to the concert. Besides the music being well written and preformed, it's like they understand you. The music is always the perfect mix of teen angst and calm maturity, but with every album you can see their own slow growth and their latest album 'feel' which is amazing btw really shows how much they've learned from their own not so great experiences that relate with my own and I guarantee most people's own struggles.

Every album leaves you feeling happy and comforted and maybe a little winded from all the unavoidable dancing. Some singers' voices don't translate well in live performances. Kellin Quinn is not one of those singers, his voice is angelic as ever, and the band is just so great, no joke.

The guitar and drums were amazing, and Kellin's voice live was phenomenal. We arrived late, so we only saw a portion of the Mallory Knox band play. While they don't write their own songs, they still give inspiration to the writers. Get your tour dates seen everywhere. In a video posted to Instagram, Kim showed off a table covered in different colored post-its.

I have loved every minute of every concert of theirs Read article ever been to. All in all this band means a lot to me, and thousands of other people, for thousands of reasons, but even if you weren't a die hard fan, the band is still so easy to enjoy, and the music is always exquisite, live or not. I saw them twice in Once at Warped Tour.

Once during their Feel This Tour. Both times, they were great. They make jokes, they laugh at each other, they have fun. They really love their fans. They all make sure we have the time of our lives. Gabe threw guitar picks at us after every song, and after the concert was over. He even gave the set list to one of the fans that was closer up. He Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta at us, and got as close as he could without falling off the stage. Gabe looked like he was having the time of his life.

During the Feel This Tour was when Jesse left. We were all heartbroken that a member of our beloved family was gone. But even though they were missing someone, they still had an amazing show. They know how to perform. Kellin's mother and father got divorced when he was young, and he lived with his father.

One of his songs, Free Now, described how it was to come from a broken home and how it effected him. It really gets me. He's a real person, with real feelings, that had real problems in his life like everyone else, but still pushed through and managed to do what he always wanted. While they don't write their own songs, they still give inspiration to the writers.

With some of the songs, you can really tell they came from the heart.

They can make you cry if you listen hard enough. While some people may say crying because of a song is ridiculous, I disagree. Songs are apart of someone. They can describe their past through a song. It truely is art. And Sleeping With Sirens make art. I have never been so happy learn more here a fricking long time.

My face hurt I was smiling so much, my voice was rocky since I was singing so loud, and tears were streaming down my face because something that was just a dream became true. I never cry, especially when I'm happy because I've never felt happy enough to Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta so, but I couldn't help it.

At the meet and greet, when we had the pictures, I link so nervous but when we got to the front of the line, one of the members, I can't remember who, said how's it going? I was like, oh my gosh they care! Then I'm standing next to Kellin and said to myself, I'm so fricking nervous, but I don't know if heard me panic, which was good.

They really spoke to my heart, especially when they played Better Off Dead and Fire, and I really hope they come again! You guys have no idea what you're music and what you're "wrists are for bracelets source for cutting" has done for me. I loved seeing your performance!! When you all said those inspiration things you really gave me a lot of hope and I cannot thank you enough.

But I'll Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta anyway, thank you so much, Sleeping With Sirens! The whole concert had a great atmosphere.

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Kellin was extremely into his music but managed to find the time to wave to me. Jack was so focused on his guitar, he seemed extremely serious about it! Justin was amazingly into his playing also and was jumping around the stage as if he'd had a thousand energy drinks before hand.

Gabe was constantly going for it and looked extremely sweaty by the end of it. I barely saw Nick at all! Kellin was amazing vocally. He see more a few little accapella pieces which was lovely.

His voice gives me chills. He was always near us which was great!


He also gave some adorable speeches which made me feel very special. The Sleeping With Sirens show was simply fantastic. The entire band was energetic and really getting into it.

Kellin was adorable as ever, and super funny and sweet to the crowd.

Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta

They played their cover of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and every single person sang along. I've never felt such amazing harmony.

Sleeping With Sirens can go anywhere from post-hardcore to acoustic and pull it off nicely. Kellin decided to get on, not in, the crowd during a song. He made a few jokes and crowdsurfed a bit and it was adorable. The rest of the band played flawlessly through the songs and made it exciting. A lot of people say Kellin can be sort of a Out of all the concerts I've been to, I'm happy to say these guys were some of the only bands that sound like they do on their CDs.

This has been my favorite concert I've attended so far, and I would love to go back and do it all over again. This was definitely the best concert I have been to. Kellin's voice sounded amazing, he has nice clean live vocals and they songs sounded the same as they did from the studio. Justin was really nice and this web page, typical Justin, but he payed a lot of attention to the fans as here Nick, Gabe and Jack.

Kellin was really into the music and having a great time on stage. I had an amazing time that I wouldn't have traded for anything.

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This was the best birthday that I've ever had. It was just an amazing experience. Kellin even started beat boxing half link through acoustic Rodger Rabbit which was amazing. The set was amazing and if highly recommend anyone that listens to sleeping with sirens hasn't had the full experience until they see then live in concert. The songs meant a lot to me before.

My first concert seeing Sleeping with Sirens.

Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 Atlanta

When I first started listing to Sleeping with Sirens I fell in love. I love the lead singer's Kellin Quinn voice and style.

There wasn't any lip syncing at the concert. Before I went to the concert, I was studying the lyrics to their popular songs so I can sing along. Sleeping with Sirens is a post-hardcore band. I like hardcore rock but, that's probably different from your definition of Hardcore.