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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter?

24 Dec "The celebrations went off very well despite the rapid increase in the number of non-Christians, who visit the churches on Christmas," he said. Midnight masses were held at various churches across the capital. christmas india. In Mumbai, the festive spirit started with Midnight Mass in hundreds of churches. Tell the average guy on the street - one who actually realizes there is a connection between Christ and Christmas - that some Christians don't celebrate the holiday and you'll likely get a pointed question or two. "Isn't that the biggest church-going day of the year? Not to mention that Christmas is as American as apple pie!. Add your own insight into the debate over non-Christians celebrating Christmas. Christmas barely had any connection to Christianity except that it was believed, from no sources or facts, that Jesus was born on that day when the exact date of Jesus's birth was unknown. We must live within the dictates of the entire book.

That warm fuzzy feeling which is excessive wine plus the effects of central heating on constant? But what about church? In recent years the Church of England has reported relatively steady Christmas attendance figures of around 2. But for the vast majority, the festival has become purely secular.

Christians are a minority group in the UK: Recent surveys suggest that persecution of Christians in the past few years has, on a global level, reached unprecedented levels — thanks in large part to the horrors wreaked by Isis in the Middle East. Of course, the consequences of Islamist violence are hardly limited to Christians.

The religious bigotry of groups such as Isis is as often as not directed at Muslims. And ordinary Muslims receive far more than their fair share of everyday abuse in Western nations, where they are targeted by nationalists and held continue reading for acts of terror they have no sympathy for.

It doesn't matter what religion you are. Surely a bit of secular Christmas cannot outweigh thousands of years of tradition. The big question is:

Other religious groups suffer gravely too. Indeed, if you look at the world primarily through a prism of moral relativism, Christians seem to have things OK.

Today marks four months since the start of the Rohingya refugee crisis

Janela, 27, is 27 weeks pregnant and lives in temporary accommodation with her six year old son. She works hour night shifts in a packing warehouse in Birmingham. Suleman works in IT and has been living in emergency accommodation since June with his wife and two children.

His youngest, only 2, was born while they were living in the hotel.

Books About Christians Hookup Non-christians Celebrating Christmas

I go to school with a smile on my face. Her oldest daughter is a wheelchair user and had no access to a bath as the bathroom was on a different floor. Maria had to bathe her in a tub in the bedroom. Nicola and her three children have spent the last 9 months in temporary accommodation. I say place because neither myself nor the children call this 'home'.

Why I Don't Celebrate traditional holidays as a Christian

It's full of mould and the kids are constantly ill from the damp. I'm trying to do the best that I can with what I have. I'm training to be a teacher, attending counselling sessions and trying to be the best mum I can to my babies but living like this is getting too much. Nathan, 28, has been homeless for three months, and until recently was living in a Travelodge on the link of a motorway with his month old son, where he only had access to a kettle: I took her to the GP.

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Yet it is undoubtedly the case that for a sizeable number of Christians in this country there is a sense of being a target: There is though something less explicitly hostile at play, which can be summarised as a general perception click here faith and intelligence are mutually exclusive. The paradox of faith is that it can be met with such strident disbelief. Indeed, her own regular Sunday church visits are well-documented.

That seems to me symptomatic of a widespread notion that regards church-going as, at best, rather quaint. Of course, even if any of this is correct and indeed unfairChristians in this country ought by rights simply to turn the other cheek. Maybe the gradual dwindling of a once-dominant western faith is no great shakes in any case.

After all, rampant materialism and individualistic capitalism seem to be serving us pretty well…. Nonetheless, the derision which is regularly displayed towards faithful people of whatever religion is no less malevolent than the intolerance of believers for any who do not share their particular creed.

Moreover, if increasingly few people believe in God, why should we continue with the pretence of celebrating the birth of Jesus? We might just as well be back in the office.

No, if you are atheist, Jewish, Muslim or anything else besides Christian, i see no way for you to actively and truly celebrate the birth of the savior of the World who came down from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit and was incarnate of the Virgin Mary to save us all from ourselves. Praise and worship services marked the Christmas and community feasts would be held Thursday and Friday in most of the villages and localities of the urban areas. Disentangling correlation and causation here is not easy.

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Books About Christians Hookup Non-christians Celebrating Christmas

Shelter - Homeless this Christmas. Today marks four months since the start of the Rohingya refugee crisis.