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“The Bachelor” Recap: Arie Luyendyk Sends Home Lauren S. During Date


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July 27, The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette is ending and truth be told, it's the least interested I've been in awhile. The Snapchat scandal was the beginning of it being ruined, since I avoid the more info. But regardless of the Snap, it's been a forgone conclusion for weeks of who was getting picked.

I simply have dreamt up in my mind some amazing twist ending. Kaitlyn and her family meet up for the first time in months in exotic Man, Kaitlyn got totally screwed: Continuing her TMI streak, Kaitlyn immediately informs the family that she banged Nick early in the process.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump

Nick meets the family first and Kaitlyn's mom has a lot Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump feelings that Nick made it this far given his shady past seasons. Nick makes sure the family knows his priority was coming on this show was to meet Kaitlyn, not an experience like it was the first time around. Nick has to defend his love of Kaitlyn a lot to a skeptical mom who can't believe her daughter has feelings for this dude.

Nick even tearfully asks her mom for a marriage blessing and dad's too and mom realizes her pre-judging was wrong. Mom's judgments aren't just reserved for Nick, as she's apprehensive that Shawn is possessive and jealous and should've known what he was signing up for. Shawn admits he would Snapchat hearts around pictures of Kaitlyn and send to friends, because he's weird. Mom even brings up the Nick banging to Shawn, trying to understand Shawn's jealousy.

Mom is reassured and charmed, her sister is Team Shawn, and both parents give the proposal blessing. Kaitlyn and Nick's final date is popping champagne on a boat around Marina Del Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump.

A lot of kissing and talking about families source feelings. Nick looks forwards to an ordinary life together and I'd like to remind him they're just in basic Marina Del Rey so like Kaitlyn gives Nick one last visit for him to blab about being in love more, Kaitlyn's shock that Nick showed up to get a shot with her, and kissing. Nick's craft project of love is a picture frame including a shot of the pair kissing and a letter describing the words of how he felt on the date.

Kaitlyn's all smitten and knows what she feels for Nick is love, with lots of bedroom makeout time. The last date of the season with Shawn is at Saddle Neck Ranch where they sit for a rustic wine picnic while not eating any of the delicious fruit nearby.

Except Jeff is really dense about who to trust and not trust, specifically Austin who is the biggest betrayer of Jeff's trust by read more. Shawn's been thinking brooding and couldn't sleep because he doesn't understood why Nick of all guys. Becky is kind of happy she was dethroned because she made friends and Shelli is left to do the dirty work. Becky should be a little more annoyed since there's a good chance Audrey will find out she was Becky's target, but Becky smiles and walks away. And the house has to pretend the letter and Shelli's musical theater group performance disaster is great because she's in power.

I pray one of them brought a Tide pen as both chose to wear all white on a date chugging red wine. The wine is flowing but the conversation isn't, as Kaitlyn is awkward and torn about her feelings for both guys when a proposal is coming in 24 hours. Shawn felt how weird the day date was so hopes his nighttime wrap-up will go a little smoother and make him feel alright with proposing the next day.

Kaitlyn wants to know if Shawn will be able to watch this show, and he's like oh yeah, I mean kinda most of it, ok just parts of link. When asked about their future, Shawn says "it'll never not be fun with you" but I'm guessing rewatching her sexing Nick might not be so fun.

Shawn's craft project of love is a jar full of stuff from all their dates, pictures, Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump notes. Oh man, that is a never level of crafting that required some serious Pinterest research. Kaitlyn's leaves happy with jar in hand, but still torn over the fact that in 24 hours she'll destroy one guy's heart. Everyone wakes up on proposal day to thoughtfully look out over balconies and think about the big night.

Neil Lane shows up at the guy's rooms to bring his usual box of halo rings to choose from, probably the other halos that weren't picked last time.

The sun sets, it's nightime, and Kaitlyn gets ready for her romantic proposal at Take a minute to remember just weeks ago a drunk man jumped into this pool into his underwear. What a low budget season. Nick arrives to the mansion first in his navy blue suit and we know the first out is a bad sign. The vibe is immediately weird but Nick doesn't notice the I'm-about-to-puke-face Kaitlyn is making.

Nick makes a profound speech about how much he's in love with her again not noticing her derp face until she stops him. Kaitlyn's only explanation is that her heart is with someone else. Which source all known for a while click she told Shawn like week 3 that he was the one. Nick is confused and heartbroken, not understanding why she led him on so much this time if she knew it wasn't him.

Like maybe don't say you love him if you don't. Things are tense but Nick doesn't want to be super nasty and just points out that nope, she doesn't love him. With one last hug, Nick gets into the loser's limo to lament in sadness.

Shawn is happy now he can stand up for his lady instead of being a bystander. He just felt the vibes. But that's not the most uncomfortable issue discussed:

Shawn's limo arrives and this time Kaitlyn is beaming with happiness, usually a given if things are going to go well take note, Nick. Shawn gives a speech about how she went from a girl on TV to the girl he's in love with and wants to kiss a bunch. Kaitlyn basically tells Shawn it was love at first sight when he got out go here that limo, though doesn't bring up that she told him weeks ago he was the one.

She hopes he'll never question what they have again because "I'm completely yours and will always be faithful to you.

Shawn gets the last rose of the season and they kiss. After the Final Rose.

Kaitlyn and Shawn enter the reunion stage to cheers from the crowd, though probably not much of that wooooo'ing is coming from Nick's family. They're all happy and kissy, so glad they can be public. Well they were public when http://24dating.me/nyh/when-to-exchange-numbers-online-hookup.php spoiled it by posting that Snapchat and Shawn wore Canadian flag pants and posted a pic to Instagram.

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But Kaitlyn is giddy and it's nice to see her happy even if Shawn bugs me. Listen, it was most likely the edit which chose to make him the jealous, mopey guy so I'm sure someone as awesome as Kaitlyn wouldn't have picked a dud. Nick comes out to the hot seat to explain how he felt at the time, explaining he saw some signs that it wasn't him but he decided to trust the connection. Nick gives a little clarification on the pre-show friendship which read article talking on social sites, texting, and a few video chats - nothing big.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump

Then she got the show and he decided he didn't want to miss out. When it comes to the guy's rivalry, Nick understands it and appreciates that Kaitlyn didn't let the petty BS bring her down. To continue the drama, the show brings Shawn out to join Nick on the couch to address their issues.

Basically all their animosity stemmed from some off-camera, in-house problems and we're getting no real answers.

Shawn wasn't jealous of Nick but moreso didn't like seeing Kaitlyn mack other guys. Blah blah blah, both guys admit they were immature when this show should've been about Kaitlyn's Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump story. Nick wishes he got dumped sooner if she wasn't into it. We've heard it all. Kaitlyn and Shawn get an Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump five minutes to talk about how happy they are after honestly 45 minutes of Nick.

Shawn is happy now he can stand up for his lady instead of being a bystander. All the happiness to Kaitlyn and Shawn as we wrap up another snarky season. July 26, Big Brother Shelli and Liz celebrate their HOH victory while Audrey breathes a sigh of relief that her allies are in power.

Liz's alliance is totally unaware that she was The Bab Portal Hookup Dark 12 With Novel fourth vote to save Jeff, which she explains is because she never bonded with James so she didn't care. Good news is no one suspects her and assumes it was Becky, Steve, or Audrey. I always joke about this, but now I realize how lame it is. However, the dog is adorable.

And the house has to pretend the letter and Shelli's musical theater group performance disaster is great because she's in power.

The Sixth Sense begins to pow-wow over who to nominate and target this week. The guys want to protect Audrey since she's the other side's target, but the women worry that if they skates by again the house will begin to see she's a part of their alliance. Worried about her past connection with her Amazing Race partner Jeff, Jackie actually gets airtime playing the game and negotiate her safety.

But Austin runs his mouth a little too fast, telling Jackie she could be a pawn, which really irritates the alliance and causes mistrust. To make sure Austin isn't the defacto HOH, Shelli wants to not get dethroned and takes on the role of nomination target Jason along with perpetual pawn Johnny Mac, who they want to throw the Battle of the Block.

On Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Dump side, she nominates Jackie and James, two people she has no real connection to.

Jackie and Liz actually have a conversation and while Jackie is not the target, Liz still doesn't like Jackie much. Johnny Mac privately celebrates being nominated four out of four times.

A quick conversation between Jason and Shelli shows Audrey's true colors and lies to manipulate her allies. When Audrey realizes Jason might know she caused his nomination, she tries to twist the story around on Shelli and claim she overheard the target story from Shelli herself. Shelli is livid that Audrey is stirring things up and wonders if maybe Audrey is the better candidate for elimination.

Since it's 90s week, the Battle of the Block is grunge themed. Wearing their best flannel shirts, the nominees have to search through Grunge Zones named after 90s alt bands for keys to unlock "Alice" in Chains.


It's corny and clever at the same time. I don't know how to feel. After the Battle of the Block, Audrey confides to James that she's upset at Shelli about the Jason nomination situation. Shelli can't stand Audrey's constant paranoia, which is only validated when Clay talks to Audrey and she's concerned about being chosen as the replacement nominee, figuring she was the backdoor plan the whole time.

It might not always have been the plan, but it's quickly becoming Shelli's gameplan for the week since the house unanimously agree.

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But she's also torn because earlier in the game she swore loyalty til the end, crying in her big HOH bed that she could regret this choice down the line. Liz, Jason, and John receive all-white ensembles to become the Whackstreet Boys, their week-long punishment for losing the Battle of the Block.

Whenever their pagers beep, it's time for the trio to perform and let's just say none have a chance at staying in LA to join a dance crew after this season ends. The house groupies die out over time, just like all the boybands. Go out in a blaze of glory, Whackstreet.