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"I’m not sexually attracted to the man I love"

Can you change your sexual attraction to inappropriate types? What needs to happen is that you need to change the type of person to whom you're attracted. The only way to do that is to keep dating someone who seems kind and reliable, even if you think you aren't sexually attracted or that they seem a little boring. 18 Jul Spend time together, fostering your attraction from the mental to the physical. Take it very slowly, because if you pressure yourself or have rushed and unrealistic expectations, you'll be sabotaging the process of learning to let go and be vulnerable. Get turned on together. You could do this by talking, flirting. Whether the initial electricity wore off or you never really felt that special spark, wondering if you can love someone who you aren't physically attracted to isn't entirely uncommon. Before you rush to ditch your relationship or disregard a possible love connection, consider the entire range of feelings that you have towards the.

What do you believe is fundamentally wrong with the way we approach love? For most Westerners, our relationships are the one area of our lives that we are happy to leave entirely to chance. So why do we place such an emphasis on passion?

The problem starts with fairy tales. They foster some very resilient myths. The myth of The One is another very destructive fallacy.

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We believe The One is out there for us, if only we can find him or her. We think once we find The One, he or she will never change, and neither will we.

How do these myths affect us?


They influence how we select a partner. The fairy tales encourage us to look for the lightning bolt, but relationships based on this kind of phenomenon almost always end in tatters — historically, this kind of instantaneous bond was seen as a kind of madness.

Also, when our expectations are violated — when our partner cheats or gains weight or stops sleeping with us — we get depressed or angry. We rarely put in the effort needed to keep things going. Ten years on, the love in the arranged marriages was twice as strong. But what about sexual attraction?

Physical attraction is important, especially early on in a relationship.

Can You Learn To Love Someone Your Not Attracted To

When physical attraction is too strong, it can be blinding, and many people who think they are in love are actually just in lust. Do you think we should practise arranged marriage in the West?

No, not at all — but it is possible for us to take control of our love lives. We used to leave our relaxation and peace of mind entirely to chance, but then we learned to package Asian relaxation techniques to suit our own needs.

I believe we can do the same with the process of learning to love.

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How do we begin to take control over our love lives? The soulmate myth is rubbish, and harmful. We need to look around us with new eyes, new assumptions and new skills. So we can learn to love anyone?

Two people need to be basically compatible and at least somewhat attracted to each other. We also need to think about whether we believe that love is a magical, mystical thing over which we have no control, or whether there are skills we can learn that will help us.

Can You Learn To Love Someone Your Not Attracted To

Recent studies in Mexico, Italy and the UK are revealing neurological and chemical correlates of the love state.

Passionate love is already a commodity, sold to us by film-makers, novelists and songwriters.

Other important parts of the story — for example, how much each person values physical intimacy — also are missing. In that case you have your answer right there. Frankly, it sounds like they are better suited to be friends than romantic partners.

For more information on his work, visit his website. Read 3 signs you are ready for a proper relationship by Madeleine Mason on LifeLabs. You can try a free 3-day taster trial first too. Are you ready for love? How to build a better relationship.

It is up to them to decide if they want to wait for your attraction to grow. I'm amazed he's had the patience to wait. This has really helped me… Thank you…just thank you xxxxxxxxxx wow thank u Amandaim in a situation that im not physical attracted to my man and he is shy but i love him.

Are your friends making you single? Could you fall in love at first sight?