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Dating can lead somewhere, but it's supposed to be fun, not just a precursor to marriage. . The bad news is that a lot of guys who use online dating sites are looking for a little nookie. These friends with benefits, want to date but nothing serious relationships, should have been left behind in college, for most people. A guy isn't going to waste his time learning what your interests are if he just thinks of you as an occasional hookup. If he's interested in dating you, he's Sometimes you get that immediate physical connection, but a guy who really wants to date you will wait before he makes any serious moves. Guys wanting a hookup try to. On POF, I chose option "I wanted to date but nothing serious". Honestly on dating websites 'Nothing Serious" pretty much just means looking for sex. . Honestly I don't take what a guy is "looking for" that much into account because like much of online dating stuff (I'm on POF too), they're probably be.

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Online Hookup Wants To Date But Nothing Serious

I do think people sometimes choose it too, so as not to feel too obligated to move too quickly too soon, preferring for a relationship to evolve more naturally without too much stated expectation, and I think in that instance the hope for something more serious may ultimately still be there, albeit implicitly.

Some people think dates have to or should develop into something and some people just see it as a chance to spend time with click at this page they Online Hookup Wants To Date But Nothing Serious they might get on with I'm in the latter group - whether that just be as mates or a casual sex thing or whatever.

So in a way it is no different to "hang out" - although those 2 responses are in different categories aren't they? Hang out means go together and see what happens, but no promises. I thought it meant "wants to date, BUT doesn't want to seem too desperate? It means I'm not hunting around for dates for the sake of it but if someone interesting turns up I'll be happy to meet and see how we get on and source I like them spend more time with them doing stuff we enjoy.

It means should someone turn up and I think they're out of this world and brilliant and fantastic and the best thing ever then who knows where it could go? Not anywhere fast is the answer but other than that right now I have no fixed concept of who or what or where or when cos I don't have a crystal ball. Relationship is a million miles away from marriage, well it is in my book. I try to avoid people who are looking for relationships, not because I am scared of relationships but because I think it's a bit daft read article go looking for them.

I'd prefer someone who is a bit more relaxed about it all and just goes with the flow and the "wants to date but nothing serious" status gives that impression. It's not like there's a hard and fast rule there either.

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Or not one I'm gonna tell you about anyway! And you might have to wait.

Most of the time when a guy just wants to date, it's because he doesn't find you that attractive, but wouldn't mind fooling around with you until something better comes along. Notify me of new posts via email. Very narrow minded to assume 'just dating' is pointless.

Anyway, it does'nt matter what profiles say, as far as getting one is concerned, if it feels right, its going to happen, whatever the profile says. I've had women mail me saying "shame you're just here for fun" just because i've got "nothing serious" selected.

If they're that narrow minded then bollox to them, i certainly won't be wasting anytime mailing them back with an explanation of what my intentions are and how they're often misinterpreted by idiots who think if you're not looking for a "relationship" you're obviously some sort of player.

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Means wham bham and thankyou!! I am not looking for 'The One' or Mr Right because when you look you never find what you want.

Online Hookup Wants To Date But Nothing Serious

I think it is about being open minded. I am not looking for marriage, kids, moving in with anyone or anything too serious - not at this stage. You cannot possibly know those things unless you meet someone who could be special and to find someone you have to date. If dates end up as a one night stand, FWB or a short term relationship or even a long term relationship, that is no one's business but my own.

As long as I am clear with the people I meet, surely there is no issue. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince so they say.

I usually click 'No', even though these girls are often the hottest ones on the site. Like you I'm assumingthere are some who just like the idea of a free dating site. Last chick I met up with from POF said she was ready for a serious relationship, but in person was on the verge of crying over her recent ex bf lol.

I am 42, not dead. Don't want serious serious - and some people looking for serious get serious far too quick. I want a laugh and some fun, in whatever form that takes. I am an adult and know my own mind. Very narrow minded to assume 'just dating' is pointless.

The reality to me is you hang out to see if you want to date you date to see if you want a relationship The point of the thread was to see what people take from the term wants to date but nothing serious and actually did it really mean something different to hang out If I meet someone and I just want to date or shag I will but if go here amazing comes along I won't turn it down.

If anybody has ever seen the film hitch the main character says that women I would. So I would say don't let it put you off if you want to settle down because if it is the right person they will change their mind. Hey everyone, interested to see what people think source meaning of "wants to date but nothing serious " is I take it that its a friendship which will involve sex probably, but maybe not necessarily in a monogamous way.

I think it means that the person would like to go on dates, but doesn't want or isn't looking for it to get serious. I think it means just meeting for 'dates' but dont expect a relationship to develop What I actually think is that they are just looking for a shag.

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Means they want opposite sex company for pretend relationship sometimes, but with no chance of sex. It means I'm not overly bothered whether I have a long term or serious relationship anytime soon. Why do people get so twisted up about what people say they're looking for? Read more long as they're not looking for IE's then just go with the flow and see where it leads.

It never ceases to amaze me when people say they're looking for a serious relationship el desperado Interesting to see similar theories but the biggest difference seems to be with or without sex which makes things very different You can have years of marriage without the sex - whats the difference?

Msg 12 I kind of agree with what you say Looking for a serious relationship means you will get a shag, but only if you get on so well it is going to last. I have that on my profile. To me it means what will happen will happen.