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The Last of Us™ Remastered Interrogation - Water Tower - UNBALANCED MATCHMAKING!!

Difficulty connecting to online matches in Last Of Us Factions. Cant Find Online Match! Plz Improve Servers 42 votes. Vote . Cant connect to any matches on remastered on ps4, its says lost connection to host, had no problem playing before, PLEASE HELP NAUGHTY DOG!!!!! bigchipper56 commented. 9 Aug Naughty Dog may have plotted an almost flawless transition to the PlayStation 4, but it did mess up one aspect of The Last of Us in converting it to Sony's next-gen console. Since launch, there have been many complaints regarding the title's multiplayer matchmaking, which functions, but, well, not as well as. For The Last of Us Remastered on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Quick question about online matchmaking".

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The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking

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For other subreddit filters, click here. Pro - Deals - Banners - Mods - Clans. Last Of Us Remastered taking ages to find matches online self. So I'm sure this has probably been asked loads but I haven't seen any posts about it yet.

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So when I try to find matches regardless if its survival supplies or interrogation it takes ages almost over The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking minutes to find anyone no parties any one have any ideas? I don't have any click here, but I'll chime in and state that I'm experiencing similar issues.

Maybe not 10 minutes, but upwards of 5 seems to be frequent. The back out and in again is a kinda placebo effect. What Ive found is by selecting the Parties Allowed option, I get games quicker.

Additionally, if you do back out and in again, keep doing it until you see "searching for players" If it says searching for Optimal game or Close game, I never succeed. This should work, because "Parties Allowed" should potentially still sometimes connect you to "no parties" games if you're not in a party yourself, so it's a bigger pool. I pick no parties because I don't want to get roflstomped by people who are communicating constantly instead of just following my teammates silently, I shouldn't still have the chance to face a party.

I played and platted this last year and I gotta say it's one of the best mp's I've ever played, I don't know why you're having so many problems but if you learn how to effectively go through the maps and do missions you'll finish the mp much faster legit than boosting. Has anyone found that sometimes after a source is concluded you're all sent back to matchmaking and your parts are not added? I've tried between minutes in every single playlist every evening and still not found a single game.

Unless you mean making the matchmaking detect solo players in the party allowed search, which would make sense. People in parties will only be matched with people that chose the "parties allowed" option. However, people who choose "parties allowed" but aren't in a party themselves can be matched with people who chose "no parties".

Basically, if you're not in a party, "parties allowed" gives you a bigger player pool, and therefore a better chance at finding a game faster, but obviously that includes the possibility The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking playing with a party. However, if you ARE in a party, "parties allowed" is a much smaller pool than "no The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking.

He's not misunderstanding, he doesn't want the likelihood of parties being in his game so he doesn't get murked. But my point was if you use "No parties" then you'll never have a party in your game. I was just explaining that if you are personally not in a party, and choose "parties allowed" it will combine the two playlist pools, giving you more chances to find a game if you don't mind parties. If you are in a party, then you have to choose parties allowed, and it won't combine the playlists.

I was trying to play with a friend, and we let it go for around 45 minutes. I tried to do no parties, and the same thing happened. But you have to know people who're also in private matches, not all of us have that many friends with copies of the game.

Me by myself wait time under 5 minutes, me and 1 buddy wait time is minutes, 3 or more and wait time skyrockets. I would assume if you had a full team Q would go quicker. Is it because not too many people have the game or ps4, or is the matchmaking to blame.

Don't worry, I'm sure when they release the two new paid maps, the divided player community will boost loading times.

I've yet to be able to play a game. The one time I got in it took around 10 minutes then promptly failed.

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Just saying, you could use the search feature, or just scroll probably posts below on the 'new' filter. I've had the game running and I don't get into games even after minutes and when I finally do it's a game that's almost finished.

This is what I do. It occasionally still takes minutes to find a match, which totally sucks when I've only got a few minutes to play. A couple minutes usually unless i dont mind waiting. If ur having trouble finding a game after retrying, try reconnecting to servers from the main game menu.

How long do you spend waiting before backing out and re-trying? Also do you back out all the way to the main menu so it reconnects or simply back out to the MP menu The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking select the playlist again?

I'm showing version number 1. Is there another impending update past this one that's inbound? Same here, however I'm getting into games no problem now. Go to survivors and choose parties allowed. Works after around min for me. They gotta prioritize the new paid DLC maps to help learn more here the community and make matchmaking even worse first, then the matchmaking patch will look like even more of an improvement.

Heck, I still have yet to get my first trophy! I am at the part where we are trying to escape the sewers Interested to see what the MP is all about Sounds much more interesting than your standard shooter though I am a big Destiny fan Definitely finish the game first, and remember, the game rewards you for being patient and avoiding confrontation. The game does not reward you for avoiding article source. Kill everyone or no one.

It's all the same. I think reward is the wrong word. Given how little ammo you have available in Survivor and Grounded, avoiding confrontation is the smarter play. I actually found that if you kill enemies efficiently then it would return the ammo if not more.

But if it takes you 4 revolver rounds to kill an enemy then no it will not be worth it. Your reward is not taking possible damage and not using your precious resources until you absolutely have to.

It also The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking you to have not in the way of offensive tools for the times when you actually are required to fight. By avoiding that group of hunters you can now afford to craft a Molotov for clickers in the next area, for example.

There aren't that many trophies in-game. Most are for finding all the collectibles and shit. I don't see how it is possible to fully upgrade every gun. I searched everywhere constantly and I'd say all my weapons were about half upgraded.

Because you find matches faster, less stress on the server. It regrouped once or twice but no more than 5min. Please follow all Event and Megathread Policies. Yes it is, lol. Thats actually not the problem, the "parties" option is less populated which is why you are finding matches faster.

Parts are increasingly scarce the higher the difficulty but I think it's possible on easy to max every gun in one play. It's going to take 4 games to get the platinum for me. Of course you could be more efficient but im saving collectables and upgrades for easy. I haven't been able to rank up at all because I just get slaughtered. Update from a dev yesterday. I guess it's just a waiting game for now.

I have no idea how to play multiplayer and there isn't any explanation of what everything means. I find it's a mixed bag, sometimes I'm waiting forever and other times a match is found instantly. Has anyone found that sometimes after a match is concluded you're all sent back to matchmaking and your parts are not added? Really annoying when you've just had a good game. I just finished up getting all the SP trophies and headed on over to MP and this shit happens: Maybe I'll play Left Behind until they fix it.

Been looking for a match for half an hour now. No matter how many times I back out it still never finds anyone. Some days ago I tried MP for the first time and I almost immediately connected to a game, now More info trying and it's searching forever it seems like. Sometimes I see player names popup up to 6 players and then they are gone again. Seems like something's wrong.


Back out, then rejoin. I find it takes forever to get a match after I complete a previous match but if me and my party leaves all the way back to the TLOU menu then jumps back in fractions, it finds a match very quickly.

I've yet to be able to play continue reading match in a party. I either sit for 10 - 15 minutes in the no party lobby, or I get a few friends and just start a private match if I really feel like playing.

Otherwise I just load something else up. I really hope they patch this soon. It's a bug i think, i saw a post saying that naughty dog is working on a patch for it or something.

The Last Of Us Remastered Online Matchmaking

I find the best way to find a quick match, is to bounce back and forth between game modes Interrogation, supply raid, survivors.

I usually try a different one if it doesnt find a game within a few seconds.