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Before I began this research, I heard – as everyone does – a lot of mainstream ideas about short girls vs. tall girls: tall girls are more confident, difficult to get, and . Still, society keeps on seeing them as cute, little things whereas tall girls are seen as accomplished women who hook up a lot – but in reality, the opposite is. 19 Feb Emily Morse, sexologist, author and host of the Sex with Emily podcast and weekly co-host of nationally syndicated radio show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky , believes that you should stick to your commitments. You need to determine if you like the girl you are dating and, well, if she likes you, too. For that. 15 Sep snooki. Unfortunately, I know a lot of short girls who will reject a short dude because they're afraid that people will make fun of them for being a short couple. Guys, this is ridiculous. First of all, people are super mean to short guys and that needs to stop. Second, who cares what height your partner is?! 5.

High heels are our best friends — even if we complain about them. In high school, everyone else loomed over five feet, but not me. My mother used to tell me not to lose hope, that I had until I was 21 years old to gain a few inches, so I hoped and measured myself every year.

He presently lives in Belgium. Feel super self-conscious and insecure about your height. If you really, really want to pick us up, ask first, please! But don't try to stave off an orgasm by thinking about baseball or grandparents or something. This Kindergartener Just Reinvented the Valentine.

Although he thinks the height difference is adorable, there are probably a few things he would have wanted to know before dating a shortie.

Short people might not be able to reach the highest shelves, but what we lack in size we may up for in spit-fire attitude!

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So what are some pros and cons of dating a short person versus a tall girl? Even if we go up on our tip-toes and stretch our arms as far as they can go just to hug you, you still have to bend.

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You want to kiss us? You either have to sit down or bend down.

Meeting the family and realizing that the short height gene runs rampant? We apologize in advance for your future visits to the chiropractor. Some guys like it when their girlfriends wear their clothes but on short girls, your plain old t-shirt is basically a dress. It just makes some of us more aware of how child-like we look, which brings up insecurities. The next time your short girl complains about wearing high heels on date nightjust nod and and be sympathetic.

Things To Know Before Hookup A Short Girl

High heels can be ruinous to feet! We know this already but we'll still wear them just for the euphoria of being three inches taller than normal. You know, pride and all.

Reasons To Date A Short Girl

But when even a stepladder still can't get us there, screw pride — you are our salvation to fetching that desired box of Lucky Charms from the highest shelf at Target. When people pick us up with no warning, we might flip out and flail like a fish, which may result in elbows smashing into your pretty face.

Things To Know Before Hookup A Short Girl

If you really, really want to pick us up, ask first, please! One of the problems vertically-challenged girlfriends face is strangers assuming we're younger than we really are.

Since we're short, we might also have a "youthful face" that's plagued us since high school. Pair that with our height and strangers will think our significant others are dating a year old when, in reality, we could even be older than them! Yes, we're cute and adorable and we appreciate you trying to protect us from the big, bad world.

And hey, if we have to survive in this tall, tall world, we gotta have tough skin! Her interests revolve around books, music, and collecting Pop Vinyl Figurines. Love December 11, More Juicy Content From Yourtango:

There's really no way to predict how much you'll bleed, so People will see it as permission to joke about your height and even take advantage of it. What did I forget to include?