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How your body changes after 50

14 Mar Even before the announcement last October of Madonna's separation from Guy Ritchie after nearly eight years of marriage, rumours were circulating that the year-old singer was 'good friends' with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, And Croatian model Slavica Ecclestone, aka Mrs Bernie Ecclestone. 27 May At 50, be sure to get the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) booster vaccine, which you need every 10 years. If you've never had the Expect to experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, low libido, consistent hot flashes, night sweats, belly fat weight gain and fatigue. “You may also start to deal. 17 Jul Happy 50th. Once you hit 50, you'll quickly realize that changes to your body and mind aren't coming — they're here. For better or worse, here's a look at the body shifts you can expect. Plus, a little dose of sugar to make it all more manageable. Food will taste different. If you find yourself reaching for the.

As we age, we gain wisdom and experience. Or we hope we do. But unfortunately our bodies eventually start showing signs of ageing as muscle function, healing ability and blood flow start slowing down.

How we lived when we were younger and how we choose to live now as well as our genetic inheritance both have a major effect on how healthy we are when we cross the line into our fifties.

And good self-care and preventative measures go a long way to reducing the effects of ageing.

Changes to Your Body at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 (Shocking Facts!)

Changes in your skin and hair. Your skin will start to become thinner and lose fat and also produce less oil, which will cause it to become drier and less elastic. Few people escape the wrinkles of middle and old age, but good skin care, and avoiding the sun, can here arrest this process. Hair-pigment cells will become fewer and your hair will start to turn grey. Hair will become thinner on the scalp much more so in men than in women.

Changes in sight and hearing. Declining sight and hearing often also comes with ageing. Many middle-aged people need reading glasses, as it becomes more and more difficult for the eyes to focus on objects that are close up. Some older people get cataracts or can develop increased pressure in the fluid inside the eye glaucoma. Night vision and visual sharpness also tend to decline. Hearing problems are common in older people. Changes in sleep patterns.

What to Expect in Your 50s

One bit of good news: Changes in your weight. As you age, your body will need less energy.

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If you carry on eating the same amount you did when you were younger, you will gain weight. Regular exercise can help to prevent weight gain. Muscle mass is reduced with age and this slows down your metabolism as well, which in turn can make you pick up a few kilos.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Turning 50 for Women

Could your job help preserve your ageing brain? Changes in heart function. Your heart rate slows down with age, and your arteries could become stiffer. These two things can put pressure on your heart, and your heart muscle may become enlarged. Many older people develop heart disease because of these factors. Changes in your bones and joints. As with all mechanical things, long-term use causes wear and tear. Older people can develop osteoporosis, which causes bone density to be reduced.

This could lead to bone fractures. Many older people also lose a bit of height.

What To Expect At 50 Years Old

Osteoarthritis when the cartilage in a joint wears away is also common in people over Being overweight increases your risk. Changes in bladder control. As muscle function declines, so does bladder control. This can be socially inhibiting.

There are treatments and exercises to remedy this, so all is not lost. The brain has the amazing ability to adapt to changing circumstances such as decreased blood flow to the brain and many people remain razor sharp till the end of their lives.

What To Expect At 50 Years Old

But many others also experience memory loss as they grow older. Exercising regularly and taking part in activities that challenge your brain can enhance your cognitive function. People who feel younger may live longer Binge drinking more likely to kill older people Rejuvenate your here with a vagacial and V-steam Image: Mature woman sitting in her garden at home from Shutterstock Sources: Comment on this story.

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National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Find some mentally stimulating activities to keep your mind sharp. You can counter the impact of aging by building strength with resistance training two to three times each week, walking daily and working on your core muscles a few times each week.

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