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DC TV - Duck Hunting Tips with Justin Martin Via Facebook Q&A - Part 1 (Duck Commander)

Justin Martin | Duck Commander

23 Aug Godwin, along with Justin Martin (Martin), is one of only two regular cast members of Duck Dynasty who is not part of the Robertson family. His official title at Duck When times got tough, he decided to use his connection with Phil to get a part-time job at Duck Commander. He worked part-time for two years. As a Robertson family friend and employee at Duck Commander, Justin Martin – the guys just call him by his last name – tends to get caught up in the practical jokes and pranks that are seen on Duck Dynasty (and a lot that aren't). But really, who is Justin Martin? Here he gives us an inside look into his life, including his. 21 Sep When it comes to the Robertson family on A&E's popular reality program “Duck Dynasty,” “what you see is what you get.” So says John Godwin and Justin Martin , the only two regular cast members who are not part of the deeply religious Louisiana family. “With the Robertsons, it's 'Faith, Family and then fill.

The show focuses on the lives of the Robertsons who run a family operated business called Duck Commander which makes products for duck hunters.

Duck Dynasty Stars Use Their Fame to Oppose Abortion, Promote Adoption, Abstinence

These bearded men have won a place in the hearts of American viewers with In a culture that promotes quick hookups, scandals and vulgarity, Duck Dynasty is a refreshing change. The Robertsons have good morals, family values and strong faith. The Abstinence Clearinghouse website recently posted a video of Jase and Missy, a couple on the show. Jase has a life motto: God, family, ducks, in that order.


During this interview Jase and his wife unashamedly admitted they chose to wait till marriage to have sex. Along with abstinence the Robertsons address the issue of abortion.

When the duck ponds on the Robertson land go dry, Phil launches an all-out assault on the beavers that have disrupted the water flow, bringing in firearms, Si's homemade explosives, and an impromptu flamethrower. Leave this field empty. Brit freed from Cambodia after Twister style sex position game tells Willie brings in professional wrestler Kurt Angle to help toughen River up, but Jep's hero worship and Willie's competitive streak get the better of them both on the wrestling mat.

What came out of that are universities that take our children and warp their minds — the ungodliness is literally rampant. All of the diseases that go with immorality, all of that stuff came out of my generation.

Following a minor car accident caused by Willie, Si rents a mobility scooter to get around, insisting that he is in too much pain to walk on his own. Having left college to pursue a music career, Reed starts working part-time at the warehouse and finds himself facing a dilemma when Willie offers to hire him full-time. However, continue reading rusty bowling skills and their casual behavior at the lanes turn the match into a question of which team can do a better job of losing. Segments include a turkey deep-frying demonstration by Miss Kay and Korie, a bizarre weather forecast delivered by Si, a report from the woods with Phil, fashion advice from Willie, Missy, and Rebecca, and exercise tips from Jep and Jessica.

Phil is a strong supporter of the pro-life movement. Willie has a video clip posted on Youtube in which he speaks about the benefits of being an adoptive father.

Who Is Martin Off Duck Dynasty Hookup

I was personally touched by the fact that they chose to adopt a bi-racial son, Will. Recently Willie and his wife Korie took in an exchange student from Taiwan named Rebecca. They fell in love with her and Rebecca is now part of the Robertson family.

The event put on by the Louisiana Family Forum is an initiative to connect willing church families with foster children.

Duck Commander Martin on Duck Calling

Their goal is one hundred churches with families who would open their homes and hearts to foster children. Willie Robertson spoke at the event, asking people to make the same choice his family made.

Who Is Martin Off Duck Dynasty Hookup

Robertson said watching his son grow everyday is like a miracle. The Robertsons made their fortune by creating great duck hunting products. Christinia Martin writes for the Live Action News.