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Based on over votes, Belle is ranked number 1 out of 61 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Favourite Disney Princesses. 12 May With Malificent hitting theaters soon, it's time to decide which princesses are the best and which are the worst. Who are the best Disney princesses? For decades, Walt Disney films featured beautiful princesses. Some, like Rapunzel from 'Tangled,' lived in ancient castles, tucked away from the world. Other princesses, like Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' lived under the sea. Each of the animated young women on this list is considered .

Reasons why Belle is the Best Disney Princess: She doesn't want a prince 2. Her name means beauty 3. Asserts nerd pride and reads, despite the town mocking her 4. Rejects the good-looking jerk for the kind-hearted Beast 5.

Has the ability to break spells with her tears 6. Wasn't born a princess 7. She doesn't need talking animals Belle is by far the continue reading princess. She may be beautiful, but she doesn't spend her time maintaining her looks, she prefers reading. She doesn't fall in love with men because of their looks cough cough ariel, sleeping beauty, snow white, cinderella, etcbut for their character.

Even though I think Simba is cuter she is my best character in the Lion King. Rapunzel From Tangled She brake away from Gothel with a theif who tried to throw her off her path and stayed strong to her decision. Judging by the way her fairy-aunt did the birthday party for her, they are worthless when they are human that's mean Princess Aurora as Briar Rose has much responsibles to do.

She's intelligent, kind, brave, and adventurous. Plus she loves books above all things, above materialistic pursuits, appearances and shallow parties and people. She encourages girls to love knowledge and to express compassion and to not be obsessed with looks and societal standards.

You are so right Belle is the best princess out of all the other princesses in fact she is better then that! Kind, intelligent, rejects the idiotic Gaston's advances even in a time when marriage was expected only one problem the bestiality thing.

Mulan shows independence, maturity, bravery, everything a lot of the mother princesses seem to be lacking. go here

She is a amazing role model for young girls, by her being the heroine, saving a whole country and the person she loves, yet putting her family before love, and making her man come to her rather than the other way around. She risks her life for her family, she was never in danger in the read article place, not directly at least, yet she goes to war instead of her father to fight, putting herself in danger.

She shows intelligence and strong characteristics. The best princess shouldn't be judged on beauty or singing voice, but how much of a role model they are, and show the young girls of today that it's good to be independent, instead of waiting around for true love and wanting to be beautiful. Mulan truly is the best. Here are the other's flaws: Teaches other girls that dreams and success come to you, and you don't have to work to chase Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity. Despite being told hundreds of times not to accept stuff from strangers, she repeatedly accepts apples from a strange, creepy old woman unsuspiciously wandering around in the forest.

A dumbass who pricks her finger on a spindle like Snow White, despite being told all her life never to touch a spindle. Throws away her talent, her family, her friends, and more for a random good-looking guy. Defies her father for love. Sneaks around, and wears revealing clothes okay, she's a mermaid so I'll let her off of this one.

Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity

Puts family first, mature Jasmine: How can Mulan not be the best princess ever? I mean, she is independent, doesn't care what others think, stands up for herself and ultimately saves her prince and China. How many other princesses do you know that don't get saved, but save everyone! And she is so intelligent-it was Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity smarts-tactics, that saved them against the Huns. I feel like she's the best not just because she saved China,but because she's not a tomboy or a girly girl.

She's a kind,thoughtful,funny quirky girl who doesn't need to be royalty to be famous. She will always be my favorite! It's not that she's totally devoted to her man, it's that she believes in true love and why wait for something that "might" happen again, when there is someone right here who is everything you could want. I also love that her story is the first story where there is true love.

She gets to know her prince and is able to fall in love with him on a whole other level. I also have a huge love for swimming, the sea, mermaids, and red hair laugh out loud. She also had a hand in helping to defeat her villian. If she hadn't stopped Urusala from blasting Eric, boom, movie would be over. She took on a vengeful woman with the power to control the very thing she's in fearlessly in order to protect the ones she loved.

She won the love of her man without even having to speak to him. They truly connected in a beautiful way. In addition, she is the only Disney princess to have a daughter, Melody, and to be shown as a child and growing up outside of her original film. Ariel has been my favorite princess for 19 years, ever since I was a little girl! Not only is she sweet and gorgeous that beautiful red hair and blue eyes! But Ariel is adventurous, driven, and ambitious in every way. She knows exactly what she wants in life and isn't afraid to go after it.

Ariel is the see more princess to be brave enough to save her prince twice and risk being in trouble for doing so. When Ariel made the choice to give up her voice to be with Eric, I admire her so much for that. In go here end, she is able to have true love, which seemed completely impossible.

Ariel's and Eric's relationship and connection is truly a Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity one! Plus, Ariel is a hopeless romantic, just like me. She longs for something that seems impossible, yet manages to achieve her desires, and is fearless.

And of course she has the best voice used to sing the best Disney song. Ariel is beautiful in every way. She is beautiful,kind and adventurous also unique like no other princess has ever been before!

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She was kidnapped as a child and went through years of verbal abuse from Mother Gothel before she got the guts to talk to her about the lanterns. It's tough to confront someone who has been manipulating you since you were an infant and even harder to get out of a tough family source you know isn't healthy for U.

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She brake away from Gothel with a theif who tried to throw her off her path and stayed strong to her decision. She managed visit web page make an entire bar of "bad guys" open up about their dreams. She saves herself and her companions from drowning and heals them. Then, when confronted by Mother Gothel in the woods she tells her off and continues to chase her dreams.

Once she achieves her dreams she finds a new one instead of settling. Then, after she has been tricked by Gothel she puts everything together and never Rapunzel without question is the best Disney Princess ever. She has all the best qualities of each Disney princess. She has more talent, curiosity, and ambition than Ariel. Rapunzel loves Eugene more than Ariel loves Eric. She doesn't fall for men because of their looks like Belle. Belle can break spells with her tears, so what, Rapunzel can do that and heal mortally wounded people with her hair.

Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity

Rapunzel doesn't just read she has interests ranging from mopping the floor to candle making. She is as tactical and has as much fighting spirit as Mulan. She fights with her surroundings and a frying pan, her hair is more effective than batman's grappling hook Mulan comes in close second for different reasons.

Jasmine can claim she didn't marry a blood born prince but Rapunzel didn't either.

Also, Ariel didn't settle for her ignorance, this little mermaid wanted to learn. I honestly don't understand why she and other non-classic yet awesome nonroyals don't get more marketing. Honestly I think she is the best Disney princess and I think of her as being in a different

Cinderella has faced hardships under the control of her godmother but she is not chained as property for eternity. In a way Rapunzel is a slave to mother Gothel. I agree with most of this except for the fact that Belle didn't fall for the Beast because of his looks. Rapunzel is not a typical Disney princess. She's free-willed, clever, kind, playful, link, daring, fun, charismatic and has a strong sense of independence Jasmine, for me, is the best princess because she wouldn't let herself be pushed into marriage.

She knew in her heart she wanted to wait for true love so she did it. She was very cautious being around Aladdin to make sure he didn't just want to marry her for her riches, which shows she has respect for herself.

She is also very loving and forgiving because even after she found out Aladdin was lying Disney Princesses In Order Of Popularity her she accepted that he lied so he could be with her and because he loved her. She is a very strong and selfless princess which makes her the best. I also like Belle but I really like Jasmine because she is brave and courageous she tried running away from home she also is very nice, pretty and she stands up for what she believes in. Jasmine is the best princess because she's clearly the most independent princess of them all.

Snow White and aurora married a prince just because the princesses woke them up from a spell. Cinderella and Ariel knew to marry their princes just by looking at them. I mean, can't females choose who they want to marry instead of just staring at them or talking to them Princess Jasmine is the first person to show that you learn more here need to marry someone who is like you.

You don't need to marry someone you wouldn't want to see in your life.

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Just to even go out with someone who has most likely been arrested a few times would be crazy! Jasmine married aladdin for love, and not for competition, which makes her a good role model for all young girls. I like her in the third movie the most because she could make herself for Aladdin finally.

Some may perceive her as weak or helpless, but she is in fact brave and strong.