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I've been really pondering about getting my nipples pierced for a few months, but I don't know anyone who has had it done. Does it hurt any more. 4 Dec I thought if they could do those, they could do nipple piercings. Then a couple weekends ago, a friend was visiting, and we just decided to walk in and do it. It was kind of a spontaneous decision. It hurt less than I thought it would because they pinch your nipple with these little tongs first, but it was still. 10 Feb Does your pierced area affect you differently than it did prior to piercing (get comments, play with the jewelry, do you regret the piercing, etc)? .. years ago my i had someone offer to pay for my nipple to be pierced, and i said, no it would hurt too much. many years latter, was at a bar when a friend was.

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Does it hurt getting your nipples pierced? I've been really pondering about getting my nipples pierced for a few months, but I don't know anyone who has had it done. Does it hurt any more or less than say your ear or cartilage?

Is there a good chance I will loose the sensation? Be aware of the LONG healing process - we're talking 6 months to a year.

But i have heard of people losing sensation, so that is a possibility. It kinda feels like someone is passing a hot needle inside of you, it's a burning sensation. As per Pat's advice, I've not worn a bra except to bed, getting air to the piercing to facilitate healing.

And yes, it here. It's a larger gauge needle and it's going through a very sensitive area. Definitely no touching for the first three months. Touching may lead to irritation after that, depending on how fast you heal.

Definitely no rough play. Be prepared for a lot of setbacks where something irritates the piercing and you need a few no-touch days to recover.

Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt

I found it more painful than lobes, but not as much as cartilage. I was able to enter a headspace where I was receptive to pain and actually enjoyed having my nipples pierced. After the piercing, they only hurt when they were bothered, but that only lasted a week or so. Longterm I lost no sensation, but sadly, they started to migrate, and I had to remove them. I miss them quite a bit. Usually this refers to your body's natural healing process either moving them around as it builds scar tissue so say, rotating a bit clockwise or counterclockwiseor actually trying to reject them from your body like it would with many foreign objects.

They've got to be placed just right-- not so deep that they don't heal, and no so shallow that they reject.


But there's always the chance for bad luck. Mine were perfectly done but i snagged read more both a few times really badly, and that damage seemed to reactivate my body's response and it started pushing out one end of each barbell--aka one end of the jewelry got shallower and shallower until i could kind of see the silver jewelry though the thin layer of nipple tissue still over it making them even more prone to snagging, thus Oh yeah, haha, definitely.

It was such a disappointment too since they made it a full two years before i fuckered them up, so they were definitely all the way healed and could've lasted forever if I had just been more Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt with the goddam cheap loofah i had haha. Yes, I only got one done but it hurt pretty bad. I got it done a year ago exactly a year ago today I thinkand it's still really sensitive, so the healing process is a long one.

I didn't think it was that bad, personally. I have a high pain threshold though, but it is over in an instant.

Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt

Healing can be a real pain, but stick with it. It hurts more than cartilage, but not by much, it's really not as bad as you expect.

Edit - I've gotten both nipples done twice. The first time 3 years ago. I remover them last year because they'd been done poorly. The piercer was likely an idiot and they were never able to heal very well due to her poor placement and odd jewellery choice.

Body Piercings Information : What Piercings Hurt the Most?

I just got them redone after a year of naked nipples. Went to an amazing piercer. Three weeks later and I don't even remember that I recently had them done, that's how painless and easy they are now. I highly recommend them as a piercing to get done. I think it hurt less than the cartilage piercing, but I also have these freaky tough and huge nipples. She was real good at it, but I remember it took her like, 60 seconds of solid pushing as hard as she could to get the 10g needles through on each side.

Holy crap that sounds terrifying. I have my septum pierced and that hurt like hell but I cant imagine the pain of nipple piercings.

Please Share your Nipple Piercing Experiences!

It wasn't honestly that bad. Just recite that "Fear is the mind killer" shit from Dune to yourself the whole time: I don't really recall--I think full healing is like, 8mos. But they stop being all crusty and swollen within the first month or two? Honestly I don't remember, you should google it: Pinch your nipple as hard as you can. Does it hurt like crazy? Then getting a needle shoved through it is going to hurt like crazy, too.

Really think about having it done, though. Sometimes if done incorrectly, or if it doesn't heal well, you may risk actually losing sensation in your nipples.

I have a high pain tolerance, so keep that in mind if yours is lower. I was very careful with my seatbelt on the way home, but the bouncing did give a couple of sharps jabs every now and then. Make sure to read plenty of customer reviews to see if they had a good experience with the piercing parlor and whether they would return to the place again. If they pull out a piercing gun, put on your top and run!

I would say it hurts more than ear or cartilage but the healing process is easier in my experience. Then I got the second one as quickly as possible afterwards to make sure I still had endorphins in my system.

My healing has been very easy but also pretty long maybe a year or so now and only occasional flair upsbut I love the results and if anything I gained sensation from the piercings. And the healing is forever. Now when it comes to sensation When I had them in I still had sensation.

But when I took Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt out, that was when the fun began! Suddenly when my boyfriend is playing with my nipples it is the greatest thing ever!

Before I was confused as to why girls liked it. I could feel it, but it was never earth shattering. Now, they have been out for a few years, but my nips are still super sensitive in the best way. I think my nipple piercings were one of my least painful! I had a huge adrenaline rush though and I have amazing Piercers. Then it's just sore. Like any other piercing.

I got mine done yrs ago. One healed wonderfully, the other was temperamental. It got a real bad infection maybe 4 yrs ago and I had take source out and let it close up.

I've gotten it repierced a few yrs back. It's still somewhat temperamental, but seems well enough. I haven't lost sensation, but I've heard others say they have. So that's just a risk you take. If you decide to go for it, Please go to a reputable piercing place that is clean. Make sure everything is opened in front of you and that they're wearing gloves. Keep the piercing clean with dial soap and sea salt water soaks and nothing else. Training bras are helpful the first week.

It is truly impossible to say, to be honest. I tend to get dizzy or faint with needles of any kind, and when I got Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt septum pierced my blood pressure dropped enough that for minutes I Does Getting Your Nipple Pierced Hurt see anything and there was a loud buzz in my ears.

But when I got my nips done 3ish months later by the same piercer, it wasn't bad at all. I didn't get the slightest bit faint, and it didn't even hurt that bad on the second one when adrenaline has worn off quite a bit.

Both of them together hurt LESS than my septum piercing! How To Rid Red Fast had really expected it to be excruciating based on others' anecdotesbut it was surprisingly super tolerable.

Sensation loss is also a person-to-person random thing. My sensitivity went up, and stayed that way after removing them 2. But i have heard of people losing sensation, so that is a possibility. I didn't have a whole lot of sensitivity to lose, so I didn't much worry about it anyway. Getting them pierced nipped and they were a little bit achy for a few days but it wasn't a big deal.