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How To SPICE UP & Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship (18+)

10 Spontaneous Sex Tips That Will Blow His Mind

30 Nov If I had a dollar for every time a client told me he wanted more spontaneous sex, I could use it to build a monument. Hands down, spontaneous sex is the most common desire of men that I coach. They dream about it. They wax on about it. If only they could take their woman in the kitchen, in the backyard. 15 Jun Stand *behind* him and stroke his penis. This positions your palm flat against his member's sensitive underside, the same way he grips it when he masturbates. Then do a few things he can't do himself, like gently lick his ear or kiss his back. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. 2 of Getty Images. 9 Feb Women who are vocal in bed send men to the moon. Letting your man know that you're enjoying yourself and that he feels amazing is a pretty simple way to turn him on. Don't be shy about letting go of your inhibitions. Let loose, tune everything out and let the sensations take you over. Tip: Dig your finger.

You and your partner already have toe-curling, sheets-grabbing lip-biting sex nearly every day.

How To SPICE UP & Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship (18+)

So how can you make it even hotter? Entice your partner with a list of your biggest turn-ons. Send your partner an email listing some of the sure-fire ways to get you in the mood … and then promise them a pay-off. Let them chase you. Some partners love the chase and giving them the chance to re-live the hunt will really get their testosterone flowing. Get your sweat on. Exercise before you enter the bedroom to get that blood flow going.

A hot shower focused especially on your sexual parts can jumpstart those juices. Pretend to be someone else. Surprise him or her and do something completely out of character. Dress in your sexiest, most sensual lingerie. In other words, that granny nightgown might be better off left in your bottom drawer. Greet How To Be Spontaneous In The Bedroom at the door wearing nothing but your hottest lingerie. Hop in the shower for some slippery fun. Wash every inch each other — skin to skin.

Mix in warm water, lots of steam, lavender-scented shower gel and pumpkin-scented candles two smells shown to increase penile blood flow and the rest should follow naturally. Play some sensual music to set the mood.

Did you know that a study by Spotify found that the number one favorite music for arousing sexual feelings was the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing?

Sound-proof your room so you can be louder. Buy bean bags to stuff under the learn more here, in How To Be Spontaneous In The Bedroom window and any other corners where sounds sneak through.

Give him or her a blindfolded rubdown.

6 Ways to have spontaneous sex

Blindfold your partner and subject them to 30 minutes of pure pleasure. Warm your hands with massage oil and run your fingers over his or her face, chest, and stomach until you work your way down to between their legs. Make it a game: Can they last the full half hour? You might also inspire your partner to be your personal masseur. Remember what turned you on about your partner in the first place. When you have a few quiet moments, take that time http://24dating.me/vygi/how-can-i-get-six-pack-abs-fast.php remind yourself of what you found incredibly sexy about him or her early on in your relationship.

Was it their walk, smile or the way they smelled?

How To Be Spontaneous In The Bedroom

Write down 3 to 5 of them on an index card and read it to yourself every day. The next time the two of you begin to be intimate, run through these in your mind.

What guy isn't responsive to having you lovingly caress him? Putting too much weight on spontaneity can make for unrealistic expectations in the sack or anywhere your sex spirit moves you. Wake him up with the art of seduction in the middle of the night. A sexy surprise like this will have him drooling over his phone. Go make yourself a sandwich or something.

This article originally appeared on YourTango. Homelessness in the U. Susan Heitler … And meet him or her in nothing but that. Take A Staycation Hop in the shower for some slippery fun. Susan Heitler Sound-proof your room so you can be louder. Susan Heitler Give him or her a blindfolded rubdown.

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How To Be Spontaneous In The Bedroom

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Recognize that spontaneous sex is the exception to the rule. This is one is to make up for the orgasm gapand he can deal with it. Susan Heitler Give him or her a blindfolded rubdown. It can drive someone crazy in a very good way not knowing where the next lick, kiss, or stroke will land. Sign up for our Newsletters.