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How to get a girl to have sex with you FAST

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If you want to know how to convince a girl to sleep with you, then read on to know 8 best tips to get your dream girl and have a hot romance in no time. When you have a new woman's attention and you're working to close the deal, don't rev your engines prematurely. “You don't want to come across like a predator,” says Dr. Karim. “No girl wants to hook up with a creeper.” To avoid that vibe, don't stare too much, don't be too touchy-feely, or get too physical too soon. “When. 4 Nov Because this, my friend, is how to get a woman to sleep with you. 1. Ask her to sleep with you. If you have the confidence to pull this off, honesty is the best policy. 2. Forget dick pics. They're as likely to get you laid as a T-shirt saying I Have Genital Warts. 3. Love women. Wonder why your ugly mate has.

How to Get A Girl Sleep With You?

This is exactly as difficult as you think it is. Of course, it all boils down to a personal preference if a woman is a one night stand type of girl or a more committed relationship type of gal.

You want to be THAT guy. But if you look glum and insecure right when someone looks at you, this affects the outcome. Keep the line of communication open between you two. Here are some things to keep in mind: Show her that you respect her by viewing her as a normal human being and not just a sexy hottie.

Show her that you respect her by viewing her as a normal human being and not just a sexy hottie. This might come as news to you, but women are far more go here to men who treat them with respect than those who just want to have sex with them.

This is rule 1 of how to convince a girl to sleep with you. And mean it because otherwise you will just be deceiving her. I like you and I respect women enough not to have sex with them on the very first date. This is very, very important. Give time to foreplay. And if she seems to enjoy it, prolong it.

The more satisfied or excited she gets, the higher your chances of having sex with her are. Want to know how to convince a girl to sleep with you?

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Begin by knowing that sex is a give and take type of situation. The more you give her, the more she is likely to return the favour. So go ahead and ask her what her fantasies are. She might hesitate in the beginning, but make her comfortable enough to confide in you.

And when she does confess her fetish to you, use that information to give her the time of her life. Again, it is counter-intuitive. Give her a choice, and she click be more likely to take you up on your offer.

Before we jump in, I want to share a note from a reader who wrote in asking about how to get a girl in bed to illustrate what I'll be talking about and provide us an example case to work from: And if you're new to meeting, approaching, and seducing new women, then this post is going to be great for getting you out of the starting gate Pin It Tweet Share. Related Articles from GirlsChase. The Latest from GirlsChase.

Her no means no and you have to respect her decision. Remember that when it comes to sex, the ball is always in her court.

How To Get A Girl To Sleep

So if you two are kissing and you put your hand on her thighs, watch how she reacts. Does she outright say no? This act will make you a gentleman in her mind.

How to Get a Girl to Sleep With You: 15 Steps to Seal the Deal

Then your chances of making that no into yes may be not that hard. Do be seductive and use the right words.

How To Get A Girl To Sleep

I like spending time with you and I would love to take things further. Once you two have decided to get more comfortable with each other, then it comes to this important step.

So you have to make it worth her while to encourage her to have sex with you. Here are some things to keep in mind:. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment.

But how do you do that?

Here are some things to keep in mind: Start Your Writing Now!