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How to Get Rid of a Manipulative Girlfriend

Don't break up with your partner by text, phone or email. This is disrespectful, and for your soon-to-be ex, it can feel like you're being evasive. Have the decency to do it privately and in person. You might not realize it, but there are benefits to ending a relationship in person. For one thing, it gives both people a chance to talk. 18 Jul If you girlfriend is someone who keeps on nagging or irritating you, it's time to get rid of your girlfriend. Here are 3 definite ways how you can do that. Whether you're trying to escape the relationship because you've emotionally checked out or you just find yourself constantly unhappy, splitting up with your girlfriend can be done in a pleasant way.

Breaking up with your girlfriend nicely is all about being honest while letting her down softly. If you want to be as nice as possible when you break up with your girlfriend, do it in person when you two are alone. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge. They work to ensure that anyone can access the best educational resources from the web anytime, anywhere, even if they do not have an internet connection.

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This is disrespectful, and for your soon-to-be ex, it can feel like you're being evasive. Have the decency to do it privately and in person. You might not realize it, but there are benefits to ending a relationship in person.

How To Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend

For one thing, it gives both people a chance to talk and reflect on the situation. And even though it will be harder to do, it will most likely lead to less drama, which is a good thing.

Don't place blame solely on the other person for the breakup. Things are never that simple. Be prepared to discuss your relationship without click your finger. You can probably find bad things about learn more here relationship that you contributed to, if you really wanted.

In an effort to be fair, and to not have your ex-girlfriend feel like she is directly responsible How To Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend the end of the relationship, be sure to mention the things that you could have changed to make the relationship better. In some cases, the blame will be solely on the other person. In those situations, it's okay to tell it like it is.

If your girlfriend is cheating, abusing drugs, manipulative, or increasingly disrespecting you, you can lay the blame directly on her actions. In most cases, this can cause an argument, so be prepared. The upside is that you're being honest with both yourself and her why the relationship didn't work, leaving you both with a better chance of finding lasting love later on.


Isn't that what you both want? Don't lead your ex on. If you don't want to be friends afterward, don't leave the door open for that possibility.

Find a nice way to say it.

Do not aggravate the situation by sending unpleasant messages or phone calls. The Ferrari Portofino is better than the California in every way The Ferrari California's replacement, the Ferrari Portofino, says the man from Ferrari with a flourish, has grintoso. Fashion And Trend Blogs. They work to ensure that anyone can access the best educational resources from the web anytime, anywhere, even if they do not have an internet connection.

Instead of "Oh yeah, and I don't want to stay friends afterwards, just so you know," try something like "You know that I care for you. I just don't think it will be healthy for either of us to stay friends immediately after we break up. Hopefully sometime down the road, when we've both figured stuff out, we can get to that place. Don't be a blabbermouth. Use discretion when telling mutual friends about your break up. Bragging or gossiping could be very hurtful to someone who may already be in a fragile emotional state.

On top of that, it could encourage your ex to sling some nasty rumors your way, and generally cause some immature behavior.

10 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Girlfriend

Tell your close friends, but don't publicize your breakup to acquaintances or people you hardly know. It's probably a good idea to tell your close friends what happened between you and your ex. It's probably not such a great idea to start telling your entire social circle via Facebook, or every girl in your school, that you and your ex are history. It just smacks of desperation.

Being "petty" can be hard to define, but it usually includes doing things that you wouldn't want your girlfriend to do with you if she were hypothetically breaking up with you. This is called the golden rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a great rule. Don't cheat on your ex before you break up with them. If something is simmering between you and another girl, have the decency to wait a bit, really think about your feelings, and break up with your current girlfriend before you do anything with the other girl.

It will look better to your ex, and feel better for you. Don't treat them poorly before the relationship has ended. Better yet, don't treat them poorly at all. If you're still in a relationship, you owe something to the other person. It's not really okay to check out before things have ended.

How To Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend

If you don't feel like being nice to your girlfriend, you owe it to her to give her the opportunity to find someone who can. Try to minimize the heartache. There is no way around the fact that this is going to hurt the other person. It's just like ripping off a bandage — if you rip it off all in one go, the pain will be over quickly, but if you do it slowly, it will How To Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend for longer. You can help minimize the heartbreak in a couple of ways: Even if you don't really feel like it, offer hugs and other appropriate signs of affection if your ex looks like she needs it.

Be reassuring, not selfish. Find the right time to break up. Obviously, there's never a perfect time. But right before a celebration, test, or vacation is a bad time to do it. Give yourself enough time, and try to do it when she doesn't have anything else significant going on afterward. Resist the urge to argue. When someone is being broken up with, there's a good chance they're going to be angry.

Don't feed her anger by provoking, debating, or belittling her. Ex-lovers often say very hurtful things when they argue. Be prepared for a range of emotions. When you finally break up, you have to be prepared for anything. It could be sadness, anger, or even a lack of emotion. It's okay to feel any and all of these emotions during a breakup. If you feel like showing emotion, don't hold back.

If the emotion isn't there, for whatever reason, don't force it. Give source a truthful explanation. It's the least that she deserves. If you can't come up with click the following article legitimate reason for why you're no longer interested in the relationship, try thinking it over; talk with a friend.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be legitimate. You owe it to her. Show her that you've given it some thought, and offer her some facts to back it up. Don't be aggressive or combative.

When explaining the reasons for a breakup, don't talk about other relationships.

Broken trust and shattered confidence don't stop a girl loving someone. It will heal you. Anger is much more productive for them and allows them to move on in a healthy way. How difficult is it for you to get your girl to break up with you? Disappear for a week every time your girlfriend gets her period.

Your relationship is your own, and breaking up isn't about comparing your relationship to anyone else's. Stay there for as long as she needs an explanation. Don't run out the door as soon as you've said the words "let's break up. If you keep returning to the same questions over and over again, tell her that you think that's happening.

If it's appropriate, let her How To Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend why you think that she'll make an excellent girlfriend for someone else sometime down the road. Talk about the aspects of her personality that attracted you to her in the more info, and the traits of hers that stayed strong during the relationship. This way, she won't feel as horrible; it could do something good for her confidence, which will probably be shaken by the breakup.

Offer to talk with her at a later time if she has any questions. Unless you've decided that it's absolutely the best to not talk after the breakup, give her the option of discussing things when the situation is a little more calm. This will give you both time to think, and may help her feel like she is also given a chance to get things off her chest.

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