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Improve My Libido

Is stronger ejaculation related to having a high sex drive? This is the question many men ask themselves when they see their weak load dribbling out of their penis instead of shooting out. In fact, it is possible that you have a healthy libido and yet just a weak projection of sperm that only trickles out. Obviously, many men. Like any other muscle, I found that you can make yourself sore again. I am continuing to build on these adding more and longer reps. After following this routine for a week, I decided to test the results. My ejaculation was both strong and had regained some distance. My semen volume practically doubled. You can increase the amount of semen you ejaculate quite easily with a nutrient you can get at any drug store or health food store. It's called Lecithin, or Soya Lecithin (same thing). It is sold as a . I wonder if sexy thoughts generate more prostate activity? The mind is, after all, the most powerful sex organ.

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It's called Lecithin, or Soya Lecithin same thing. It is sold as a supplement that improves your nerve health.

It's not a drug, but an extract from soybeans. It comes in big mg softgel capsules and only costs about 8 bucks for of them. I don't take them all the time, rather, I start the day before I know we're going to have sex.

You pretty much have to mega-dose them, that is, take capsules about 4 times a day.

I try to do more of these if I have time. I can feel the semen squirting from deep inside all the way to the tip of my penis and it's very very pleasurable. You were right on with kegels.

After only 2 days, with me, I ejaculate almost twice as much as without them. Plus, my semen is whiter and thicker, and Heather says it tastes milder and sweeter. I like to do this for the visual effect, plus my wife really enjoys swallowing my semen and the more there is the more she likes it. I read this a good 20 years ago in an article in a porn magazine. The article said this was the method that many porn stars use to increase the size of their loads.

I have intentionally researched this further to find out if there are any negative side effects to taking this much lecithin, and there apparently aren't any.

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Again, this is a natural substance that is a simple nutrient, and the only known side effect is that it can this web page make your head hair grow more quickly.

I can't say that has ever happened to me, and I've been using Lecithin like this for 20 years now. I suppose you could take it in high doses like this all the time, but to be honest it gets to be sort of a pain swallowing of those huge gelcaps 4 times a day, so I only do it on weekends or special occasions when I know we're going to have time for some good sex. I can tell you that my orgasms feel espcially good when I take the Lecithin, because of the sheer amount of semen I'm ejaculating and because it's thicker I can feel the semen squirting from deep inside all the way to the tip of my penis and it's very very pleasurable.

It also shoots quite a bit further, probably again because it's thicker. I normally ejaculate inside Heather, but sometimes she likes "belly shots" or "breast shots".

Without the lecitihin I from the missionary position I usually shoot about as far as her belly button, but with the lecithin I can easily hit her breasts and neck from on my knees between her legs.

How To Have A Strong Ejaculation

Another good thing is that it also seems to increase pre-ejaculate fluid precum by almost twice as much, and it seems to be more slippery, in fact, when I'm taking lecithin we can have anal sex without any lube other then my pre-ejaculate fluids. Another thing that has increased my pleasure and distance is prostate massage and exercises that I do with an anal toy similar to the Aneros. I don't know if anal play is your cup of tea, but I am super-straight and I still enjoy it immensely.

Thre eor four times a week I insert the anal toy and then consciously grip and release it for minutes, which has strengthened the muscles used to ejaculate quite a bit. This has resulted in more intense orgasms and longer-distance ejaculations. Give it a try, it only takes a couple of days to have an effect and at least for me I have some pretty impressive sized loads when I use it.

My experience with ejaculate and force has always depended on how check this out on I am, how long I have been stimulated and sometimes on how long it has been since my last sexual experience.

Though the last one may not make much difference if the first two are significant. I would say that youth also plays a part. Things tend to slack off as we get older. I will always remember my first experience with a girlfriend in high school. We necked all night and when I left her house without ejaculating I was about to explode.

I went into a restroom and masturbated. It didn't take long and it shot out about How To Have A Strong Ejaculation or3 feet repeatedly, which was something I had never experienced. When I had masturbated before it might have spurted a few inches and sometimes it just ran out, but that is when I learned that it was different when girls got involved.

I've been addicted to females ever since. Matt, So what is your total volume amount? To combat this, when we have sex, of any type, as he is about to climax, he litteraly grips his penis to stop his ejauculate.

We click depending on the mood I am in wil do this once or twice, sometimes three times, and when he finally cums,, I get just what i wanted, at least 5, maybe 8 long "ropes"!

And his orgasm is VERY intense!!!! It really wears him out. If j can get him to with-hold from orgasm for at least a day,, WOW, i really get a load!!

Years ago, hub was really sick, snake bite, long story he went 6 days without How To Have A Strong Ejaculation, that seventh day was incredible,!!! For years our goal has been to duplicate that particular orgasm, we both know it will probably never happen, but, trying sure is alot of fun!!

I feel ready all the time. I've never tried any supplements, but, as others have said fluid intake affects things a lot. Abstaining and edging both greatly affect my semen volume. My wife actually encourages me to wank a lot to keep it from building up too much.

Kegel exercises - stronger erections and greater ejaculation control

And of course the amount of stimulation before orgasm also ties into ejaculate loads. One other curious fact - if I dwell upon sex all day, it somehow makes for a bigger load too.

How To Have A Strong Ejaculation

I wonder if sexy thoughts generate more prostate activity? The mind is, after all, the most powerful sex organ. He started today, I will keep you all posted on the results! I don't know anything about how to increase volume of ejaculate, but I DO know how to increase the force. You were right on with kegels.

In order to know you're doing them right, here's a hint. Next time you have to go urinate, when you're in the process of letting it flow, hold it back so it stops or at least slows. Once you have keyed in on where it is and how to contract it by holding urine inthen all you have to do is: You WILL be click here the next day.

I probably wouldn't recommend doing it another round of This is where I'm currenly at.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful I can feel the semen squirting from deep inside all the way to the tip of my penis and it's very very pleasurable. We kid you not, the blogger actually documented it for us:.

To start, maybe do half of what I suggested and work your way up to this. Within a month you'll notice that muscle down there is harder and even bulging a little. You can also do edging very effectively and your ejaculate force is phenomenal compared to before the exercises. I don't know what is "good" about a large load. Do you think it makes you more manly or pleases the woman? The porno movies are deceptive and are manipulating your feelings. I've heard that the large loads are actually produced by using a catheter to pump in some white juice cream?

That's not something that I want to mess with. Can someone explain too me what is edging. My sex life is a bit more random - I do not know when it will happen but always want to be ready. By the way I would pay good money if my wife liked ejaculate - she How To Have A Strong Ejaculation the far opposite unfortunately. So good for you. My sex life is more random.

How to get Harder and Longer Erections

I would rather make it part of a daily routine instead of trying to guess when I am having sex days ahead of time. By the way, good on ya for being so enthusiastic in this area.

My wife really hates the stuff!