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Explore yourself while relaxing. Try your clitoris & G-spot (half or two third the way inside your vagina). Also you can try your breasts & nipples, it may arouse you. By massaging yourself you will gradually learn what you like & what you don't, & what are your sensitive points. Please remember to use clean. 27 Mar You'll probably want to really start to take a look at the sexual attitudes you have on the whole, and get a sense of if you think they're serving you or not, and if not, to look into what you can do to start the gradual process of shifting them so that how you think and feel about sex and sexuality, including. Share your tips and experiences or seek info within this thread. This thread is an extension of the How do you masterbate??(I'm a girl) thread. Enjoy! This topic is If you like the feeling of penetration I used to make a simple mixture of flour and water until it is pliant, but still kind of firm and stuff it into a condom and tie the.

Masterbation - from a woman's perspective awkward.

lookie here:

I have a few questions about masterbation from a woman's perspective. Every post I've seen about masterbation has been from guys. I've only masterbated twice in my whole life and I'm I don't think that's bad. Actually I think it's quite good. But anyway, I've been getting mixed feelings about masterbation. Some say it's healthy, some say it's a health hazard. Some say it's only addicitive if you do it times per day others say even if you start off with a little bit you'll get addicted eventually.

As of now I'm thinking about ruling masterbation out. Sex is out cause I'm waiting until I'm married. Is it true if you masterbate too much you'll lose sensitivity in your vagina? Are the effects of masterbation the same for men and women or do they differ?

Top 10 Girls Masturbation Techniques

Thanks for your help. Create an account to receive updates on: Masterbation - from a woman's perspective. Masterbation is completely normal!

Good for you that your waiting to have sex until marraige. Masterbation isn't going to make you lose sensitivity, it will only get you in tune to your body and you'll know what makes you feel good.

How To Masterburate If You Re A Girl

The ony thing I have heard is when you use vibrators all the time, you can develope a tolerance to the vibration, but if your not using it everyday you'll be fine.

I prefer doing it without the toy anyway. I would have to agree with Fourpaws. Masterbation is completely normal and I've never seen any hard evidenct that it is harmful. It will help you get in tune with your body and will help you have more pleasure once you do start having intercourse. If you have sexual tension building, your heart starts beating faster, your blood pressure rises, among other things, so I can't imagine that those things would be all that healthy for you.

I say go ahead and maserbate. First of all, IMO, you're not a woman yet. Legally you're an adult but that's just my opnion. I've always considered myself a "gir;" up until my 22nd or 23rd birthday. Now to what you're saying Our culture thinks too much of sex because sex sells but it does not mean that masterbation doesn't have repercussions.

Also if it involves dangerous tasks like in a bondage situation where the blood supply or breathing can be cut off. Well i am an 11 year old boy and i only masterbate like sometimes 4 times a week!!! I am 28, and I masterbate at less six time per week sinceand I feel good and sexually I feell more then before, but, i am suer that the adiction of masterbation has a bad sideeffects, cause having overdose of somthing even air could kill you. Those who do it all the time and say there addicted want to do it How To Masterburate If You Re A Girl the time its a fact.

Wanting to feel nice things with our bodies is natural and anyone who says its a health hazard are retarded and living in the dark ages. Its good you want to old out for sex after this web page but rem that even if you wait it doesn't necessary mean your relationship will last forever. Why not have sex when you fall in love and take it one step at a time and take the pressure off of a future partner who you'll be telling no sorry we can not be close unless we are married.

I have been with my partner for over 15 yrs and have three children and we are not married and are not bothered if we ever do so maybe think of love instead of a ceremony!!! I also will add I have a regular sex life and maybe once a week i might do a little something for myself and I feel no guilt and no i am perfectcally normal. So stop worrying and start living. Here apologies to those hoping for a response to the original question I totally respect that you have a right to an opinion, however, strongly need to voice mine too.

The How To Masterburate If You Re A Girl of your post is extremely 'right and wrong' with a 'yes or no' absolute type of tone. Every person is different, so even if you believe something strongly for spiritual reasons which some do, i'm not saying that you do it's still a personal decision and not to be looked down upon because someone else chooses to live differently.

I don't know if your absolute tone is one of firmness in your click the following article value system or one of past hurt which has left a sour taste.

However, I can speak to your comments about bondage with the knowledge that all sexual acts are dangerous on some level. As with anything that we choose to involve ourselves in being a passenger in a car, getting our ears pierced, or even having dental work done we're making decisions to let others have an impact on our physical being.

It's a decision we make, and should be an informed decision Bondage and all others aspects of a BDSM lifestyle are the same way. Yes, some couples can start to slowly learn things and introduce them into their lives. However, one should NEVER jump into anything without first learning if their partner has training, is safe, has experience. Those are things that should be discussed with any partner on ANY level. I'm a 20 year old woman and even when I'm in a relationship I masterbate at least once a day.

Just not frequently enough. I do not masturbate i think it is nasty. I recv orgasm very soon, n few minutes latr if i mastrbate i cum again. Once you are married and having sex with husband, you can also keep masturbating throughout your marriage. That's like saying, if you don't want food to run your life, then don't eat.

As i'm currently not in one, I masterbate up to about 3 times a day!! I don't think it's unhealthy for the following reasons: It takes my mind off men and sex, which is a nice break and means I don't feel the need to sleep with just any guy.

I don't think about it when it's inconvenient. I only do it in my own home when I'm by myself and not busy. Masterbation can become unhealthy but only if it's excessive, go here is to say only when it becomes an obsession. But you've already done it twice and you don't sound like your that taken by the idea, so your unlikely to become addicted to it judging on what sounds like a non-addictive personality.

Think of masterbation like alcohol - it's ok to do as long as it doesn't affect your ability to live your life!!

My apologies to those hoping for a response to the original question For plenty of people, whether the stress is sexual or not, masturbation or sex with partners is certainly one way to manage some stress, but it's not the only way, not by a serious long shot, so when those things either aren't right for you, or seem to increase stress as it sounds like your attempts at masturbation lately have done rather than help to reduce it, you want to instead explore other ways of managing and reducing stress. Please don't think bad of me for asking this stuff, I am so nieve about this stuff.

And good on you for holding sex off until marriage!! I was only 19 when I started having sex and, tbh, it's overrated. You sound like an intelligent individual. Whenever you start having sex i'm sure it will be the right time for you, and I hope it will be special!!

Thank you so much for asking this question. I'm 22 and I have been wondering about the same questions and didn't know where to ask them. So thanks for putting a voice to the issues at present.

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As for the rest of these comments. Thank you for your answers they helped too. I really appreciate it. Masterbation is actually considered good for a girls clit. The more you have an orgasm the more sensitive the area will become not to excess.

Think of it like a muscle, the more you work it out the stronger it will become. Masterbation is, for those who do it everyday, definitely an addiction. Try stopping and if you have a hard time I'd say even once a week is an here.

How To Masterburate If You Re A Girl

Also; if you don't want sexual desires to run your life don't stir them. Basically no sexual thoughts, no porn, no masterbation. Don't get to touchy with guys I think it's interesting to see a girl ask if it's ok.

What would you think if your future husband masterbated while looking at porn once a day minimum, up to say 15 times in one day But had vowed not to have sex before mariage? You might be sickened at the idea if your not an animal in the sentimental realm sorry girls but if you masterbate all the time it's not love or respect you'll get from your man; it's desire but that's it.

Even I who am basically the guy cited above, abhor this practise, it disgusts me. I've asked around and read random discussions like this one all the time. There are no specialists on this question: How To Masterburate If You Re A Girl you strive for purity: You make me happy, a girl that doesn't want to be a human-dog hybred's so rare; it gives me hope to more info a wonderfull wife some day although I don't think I'd meet her standards.

It is in NO way harmful for your body, internally. I am a 21 year old woman Just not frequently enough. I actually prefer masturbation sometimes more then sex, because I know what my body likes. I say go for it. I think NOT masturbating is more hazardous to your health. UUKZRZ87 said that if you don't want sexual desires to run your life then don't sir them up by masturbating. That's like saying, if you don't want food to run your life, then don't eat.

Doesn't make much sense.