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How to Eat her out like a champion which makes her go crazy

How to Eat a Girl Out: 15 Secrets to Make Her Scream

26 Nov Dear boys, unfortunately we meet again. But now that you're all fingering experts, we thought it would be beneficial for you to master the trade of the tongue. And trust us, most of you need to. Desperately. Because we've all had plenty of disappointing experiences to know exactly what we're talking about. 2 Feb BuzzFeed Brazil asked its followers: "What should everybody who performs oral sex on a woman know?" Everything that appears in this post speaks from the individual experience of those who gave the tips. Perhaps they don't represent the personal preferences of all women, but they all got a lot of likes on. 15 Oct How to properly eat a woman out using a cantaloupe.

You just go down, stick your tongue out, and watch her enjoy herself.


The truth is, though, that doing so will get you almost not response. In fact, she might just make you stop. They take a lot longer than men to get off and tend to enjoy foreplay to get things rolling and make the big O even better. Build up the anticipation beforehand. This part is very important because it helps to build that anticipation. So move slowly, kissing and licking your way down her body until you finally get there. Knowing how to eat a girl out the right way is pretty much ALL about her clit.

So try to recreate that motion by using your tongue to flick it back and forth and up and down.

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Ladies also need pressure in order to get off. This will best recreate that powerful vibration feeling girls love so much. Use your lips to pull on her clit. Get creative with how you use your mouth. Suck and pull on her clit and watch her go crazy for you.

You can use your hands and fingers to stimulate her G-spot, too.

It's kind of like a hard tonguing you do to get something that's stuck in your teeth in the back of your mouth. Sensations are going to feel different from woman to woman. Before you pucker up, try some sensual kissing up and down her inner thighs. Slow goes a long way. The point isn't to make the clit numb or lose the orgasm.

The sexual art of using your fingers ]. You have hands, and you can reach them to wherever you want! Reach around to her butt or reach up to her boobs and play with them a little bit.

There are countless positions that you can try to eat her out. Try them all out and then hone in on the one that gets the best feedback. Switch up your tempo by going slow, then speeding up. You can apply a little pressure, and then apply even more before softening up again.

This is something that not many guys think about, but it makes a huge difference. Communication with the lady is important. Start with light licking of her inner lips then steady pressure in the clit in small motions up down, left right, circular motions, tell her in advance you tel you what she is liking, finger in vagina lightly stroke the rough spot you feel just inside on the upper side assuming she is on her back in a come hither gesture.

Variety is key to getting her off. This is something that not many guys think about, but it makes a huge difference. This will relax her and allow her to let go and truly enjoy the experience instead of feeling insecure about it. How to talk dirty in bed: Dirty talk examples ].

How To Properly Eat A Woman Out

It will allow you to really focus on those things so you can eat her out like a pro. Liked what you just read? Your email address will not be published. Share Tweet Pin It.


The sexual art of using your fingers ] 10 Ask her how she likes it. Dirty talk examples ] 15 Ask her what she wants. Bella Pope Bella is a lifestyle writer, cheese enthusiast Wisconsin native over here and fantasy adventure author-in-progress who enjoys all things love, dog, p How to Get a Guy to Sleep with You: Woo Him without Being Slutty.

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How To Properly Eat A Woman Out