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Mantis Garage Episode #6 '88 Toyota Extracab 22RE budget engine rebuild

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6 Jun I just bought an RN as title says and knew the 22R engine was stuffed, ( blowing oil out the radiator) and from the limited research I've done sounds like heads cracking is common? First question is are these motors worth wasting money on rebuilding, do they make enough power to tow an average. Im a 22r newb so any and all comments welcome. Though im not new to rebuilding motors I have yet to rebuild a 22r and was wondering if there was a site with all the info needed to completely rebuild a 22r Im just trying to build a basic motor nothing crazy just something to get me back on the road. How much does it run to rebuild a 22R? I see master kits from 24dating.me go for a tad over , but what's about average for the machine work involved? My dad (who's had several engines rebuilt) said I'd be looking at about a grand, but I can't see the machine work costing bucks to bore the.

Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This Effin GuyJul 12, I'd get in touch with engnbldr to start engnbldr. Get ahold of a Factory Service Manual. Best resource there is. KLFJul 12, And I'll look for a factory service manual. This Effin GuyJul 13, Don't assume head gasket. Did you do a compression check?

Once you remove the water pump, allow to dry and then clean the surface of the block with a razor blade. How did that happen? My dad who's had several engines rebuilt said I'd be looking at about a grand, but I can't see the machine work costing bucks to bore the cylinders and clean up the head. We later propped up the bellhousing with a stand and removed the jack.

It could also be the timing chain ate through the timing cover. If you rebuild the engine make sure the cover is reusable. Do a search on the subject. And for gawd sake use an OEM timing chain.

Im leaning towards just grabbin a new street rv head from engbuilder. The hardest part about stripping the engine besides labeling is that you will have to remove the whole intake manifold before you can get the wiring harness out of the way. This site uses cookies. Lake City, Fl Posts:

Thanks for click advice. I actually had other plans to 1uz my truck but those plans didnt make it. So I had just pulled the head off and got it ready to pull and thats where it sits now. I still get a employee discount at my local yota dealer so I'll grab a factory timing set from there. I have found a few things searching around but didnt find any write ups and pictorials which I was lookin for.

Mantis Garage Episode #6 '88 Toyota Extracab 22RE budget engine rebuild

I'll keep searching though. Ive been on the hunt for a pictorial thread somewhere.

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Or a digital copy of a factory service manual. This Effin GuyJul 15, Thats exactly what I wad lookin for and I knew someone here was awesome enough help me out! Now im gonna study every link on that first link you posted like a mad man.

I believe each section opens as a PDF and you can save them to your computer to have.

How To Rebuild A 22r Engine

It will take a few sessions, but will get you the whole thing in electronic form. That was the first FSM read article I got access to and it was great to save sections and then print them off to use. The second link goes directly to the main 4x4wire page that has a couple links for rebuilding a solid front axle, etc. Im going to print up what I can asap. So do you guys have any recommendations as far as build? Like going stainless valves worth it?

Maybe a little larger valves? I want a little extra thump but nothing extreme. Saw a few sizes available and not sure exactly what will work with what valving and piston design?

How To Rebuild A 22r Engine

I have been reading and have seen some wild builds, are 22rs anything like sbc as far as mods? Id like a dependable yet torquey motor. My build is a little different and admittedly over the top.

How To Rebuild 22R

It will go into my 90 pickup once finished and the build list is as follows: I would definitely check your timing cover for grooves and would recommend the steel chain guides. As you have seen with these little motors your imagination and wallet dictate where you end up. They are very simple and solid motors.

Easy to work on and maintain. On a personal side note, I am not a fan of LC Engineering. I had a good buddy who had a pretty bad time with them on a couple occasions. I did order a wire separator set from them, but only because they were the only ones who made what I was looking for. I am sure I will think of more, but that's all for now. Awesome, that should make for an pretty good motor it sound. Im leaning towards just grabbin a new street rv head from engbuilder.

That way I dont have to fart with having a machine shop port for article source valves and installing everything for me because I dont have the tools for valve install. I still have a truss and 4 link How To Rebuild A 22r Engine fab in. This Effin GuyJul 16, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sign up now to reply How To Rebuild A 22r Engine this thread!

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