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Breakup For Girls (Get Over Him - Break Up Songs). By In order to help women stay positive after a break up, this playlist is meant to contain uplifting and positive songs from female singers and depressing/regreful songs from male singers. This playlist is currently collaborative, so keep this idea in mind when. 15 Songs That Will Help You Get Over A Breakup Fast. Arguably the best post- breakup songs, ever. By Dara Adeeyo. Feb 2, 1 of "Goodbye," Kristinia DeBarge. Take a dose of Kristinia DeBarge's confidence in this song and you won't regret telling your ex Goodbye. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. 16 Dec Struggling to get over an ex? The pop, rock and country songs on this playlist reflect the emotions of moving on: relief that it's over, anger at the way it ended, spite, jealousy and sadness. Or you may express sad reminiscence, acceptance of your loss and a desire to find new love. The more brazen of us.

We've all been there after a break up when all you need is a kick ass song to get you over that waste of space ex lover - luckily Capital's got you covered with the ultimate break up power playlist!

Getting Over You Playlist: 83 Songs About Struggling to Forget an Ex

What could be more therapeutic following a break up than listing to some seriously feisty songs to get you over your ex? Luckily the biggest names in pop - and we at Capital - have got you covered. From Ariana Grande to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - check out the ultimate playlist of tracks to get you over your ex.

You'll feel better in no time! Oh come on - the girls' first song taken from 'Glory Days' needs NO introduction. Crank up those speakers and scream it to that photo you promised yourself you'd burn!

The clue is in the title - Chezza doesn't care about her waste of space exes and neither should you. Have you ever that ex whom you just kept on coming back to for reasons unknown? And thanks for the 80s throwback John Waite's "Missing You. I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone I crashed my car into the bridge, I watched, I let it burn I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs Bonus: In this pop song, Adele informs her ex-lover that all past transgressions are forgiven.

The clue is in the title - Chezza doesn't care about her waste of space exes and neither should you. It's impossible to wallow while listening to Cheryl's catch pop hit. Onwards and upwards, ladies and gents! We don't recommend tattooing their face, however - it's probably not worth the jail time! This is the perfect track once the anger has calmed down a little - embrace your new single self, you sassy little hunk of sexiness!

Moving On Songs - Over Songs About Moving On

Forget the one that hurt you and move on with your jazzy, fabulous life. Kelly's never looked back and neither should you. Bit of a power tune with some raw guitar action? Lawson definitely delivered - and will have click back to your feisty self in no time with 'Brokenhearted'.

If Ed Sheeran can get over someone cheating on him with this much spirit, so can you. Yep, the ginger ninja's penned the perfect track to make you feel better about any break up.

It's an oldie but a goodie - Justin's song about Britney Spears will have you telling your exes that they've Songs To Get Over Your Ex you for good and they can damn well cry about it too. Ms Goulding isn't one to wallow in misery after a break up - and she definitely got over her exes with the gorgeous Dougie Poynter!

Swift and let that guy or girl know you're never coming back to them. THE song to listen to while you bag up their belongings - ultimate girl power sass fess AND you get extra wardrobe space too.

True on many levels and in other situations besides love. Lily Allen wrote this song for a guy who not only treated her badly, but also allegedly went around sleeping with other women behind her back. Bless your soul, you've got youre head in the clouds You made a fool out of you, and, boy, she's bringing you down She made your heart melt, but you're cold to the core Now rumor has it she ain't got your love anymore. YES, what's wrong with it? Especially when you're trying to get over a boo.

You just can't beat a classic, and Mr Raymond's 'Burn' has been on ever break up playlist EVER well, for about the last 10 years http://24dating.me/vygi/how-to-makeout-with-a-girl.php least. K-Pez is a BIG one for female empowerment and this track will definitely have you feeling better after a bitter split. We use cookies on our site.

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Moving On / Breakup Songs

Cardi B] Bruno Mars. French Montana Jason Derulo.

Songs To Get Over Your Ex

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Songs To Get Over Your Ex

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