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Love's big secret? Play hard to get

9 Dec Treat them mean, goes the adage, and keep them keen. Now it emerges that such power play – used by men and women – is a sound evolutionary strategy to get a good mate. According to new research, playing hard to get tests the commitment and quality of any would-be mate. Researchers identified 27 Sep And while we've known since day dot that treating them mean really does make them keen, nobody has had the answer as to why we're often turned off when someone comes on too strong. “That much attention can be perceived as desperation or a lack of independence [on the part of the person showing. 19 Jun Although some relationships are healthy, there are others that are completely dysfunctional. And when this is the case, they no longer have the ability to transform one's life and to assist in their personal evolution. That is unless one leaves the relationship and uses the experience to find out what part they.

Hello Gillian, thank you for your comment. All the best, Oliver. Although some relationships are healthy, there are others that are completely dysfunctional. That is unless one leaves the relationship and uses the experience to find out what part they were playing.

It will then be possible for one to do the work that they need to do on themselves in order to experience healthier relationships.

There is also the chance that could stay in the relationship and if the other person is willing to change, then the relationship could be transformed. Interactions However, it is not just relationships that can be dysfunctional; it is also possible for the interactions that precede a relationship to be just as dysfunctional.

If one is in a relationship that is dysfunctional, then it would be normal to come to the conclusion that it would have also have started click here way.

However, they also found that despite preferring to see the disinterested women again, the men actually liked the engaging women more. A quick and amusing read, if taken with a pinch of salt. The baby that went from being healthy to 'fighting for her life' in an HOUR: Read our Privacy and Cookie Policies to find out more.

And while there may have been moments of dysfunction, these would have been interspersed with moments that were healthy. So the facade they present in the beginning will allow them to entice their prey.

Treat Them Mean Keep Them Keen

Playing The Games One article source realise what is taking place and soon end their connection to the other person. And then there are going to be other people who are comfortable with the games that the other person is playing.

In this case, one is going to jump through the hoops provided and lose touch with what is right for Treat Them Mean Keep Them Keen. Here, one will 'treat them mean and keep them keen'. Now, if one was to think about this, their fist response might be to question how it could work and emphasis how people want to be treated with respect and to be appreciated for instance. And this is not something that can be denied; if someone was asked how they like to be treated, they are unlikely to say that they enjoy being treated badly.

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So if we want to understand what someone feels comfortable with, it will be important to observe their behaviour and not what they say they want. And for some people, their body is only going to respond to behaviour that is dysfunctional and unhealthy. One might not even know why they respond to being treated badly, but what they will know is that being treated badly has a positive effect on them.

They might wonder why they put up with it, but time and time again it is what they respond to.

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This is what creates desire, gets their heart racing and consumes their attention. One may use hot and cold behaviour; one minute they show interest and the next they pull away. This may even involve using put downs or sarcasm, amongst others things.

Treat Them Mean Keep Them Keen

These are just a few examples and there are many more. When one is with someone who engages in these kinds of games, they are not going to know where they stand, what is actually happening or if the other person is interested in them or not. One minute they could be up and the next they could be down.

One could feel addicted to the highs and lows that the other person is providing. A Deeper Look So this is not healthy and it is not going to match up with what one says they want.

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But at the same time, one is unable to resist it. Being treated in these ways feels comfortable and this could be due to what their early childhood read article were like. Childhood Their present relationships are then mirroring their childhood relationships.

And even though these early interactions were not healthy, they were associated and familiar and therefore safe. And until one has grieved what took place all those years ago, they will continue to re-create the same experiences. Awareness So in order for one to no longer feel comfortable with people who behave in these ways, it will be important for them to get in touch with their emotions.

Here, they can see if how they feel in their adult relationships reminds them of how they felt during their childhood years. This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.


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