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The Purpose Of Silent Is Letters What

Silent Letters: When NOT to pronounce B, D, and L in English

On the blessings of ‘silent’ letters in English

30 Mar Answer: There is no purpose to the way words are spelled in English. They are spelled the way they appeared to be correct to the people who first used them in their writings. People who later read their works in some cases copied the exact spelling, in others changed it through carelessness or a desire to correct it, and. 16 Sep Why do we have silent letters? Is there a better alternative? Take “colour” and “ color”; why has the “u” been dropped in one word and not the other? Why have a letter when you do not pronounce it in the word? Many languages have silent letters—and though it may be surprising to hear, a world without. 1 Apr It was only recently that I was in a conversation with a friend who was commenting on something a comedian said which was that many people do not know the use of silent letters and for some reason he is perplexed by them. Similarly, I share in this affliction.:lol: Knife. Gnaw. Mnemonic Psycho.

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What Is The Purpose Of Silent Letters

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What Is The Purpose Of Silent Letters

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Words that begin with 'wr' such as 'write' do not pronounce the 'w'. Email Email is required. Can anyone please clarify my uncertainty here? If you're named Fred or Kent, then the answer is no. Historians believe that early on English had very few silent letters.

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Why are there silent letters in English words? - Big Questions - (Ep. 42)

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Why do we have silent letters in the English language?

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