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5 Things Men Are Biologically Programmed To Look For In Women!

3 ways MEN see your body…

10 Jun From bikini line landscaping to facial fuzz faux pas, we asked 10 male volunteers to share their honest thoughts about this rather hairy subject Is he Team Bush, Team Brazilian, Team Barely-there or Team Doesn't Care? When it comes to men's preferences in the body hair department, what do they. The truth is a man loves a real woman. Celebrate you body and let him too. This is how men see you and your body and it's not what you might expect. 29 Sep Men tell the truth about your body. And you can breathe! It's actually good news.

Y ou might have already noticed I have a ton of ideas or opinions on how women look and what I find attractive. My last letter gave you a little insight into all of it. T his may come as a shock to you but guys have different eyeballs than you do.

We like tits, ass, legs. This is the best. And nobody will ever change that.

The list goes on and on. I never EVER owned a pair of sandals or open-toed shoes and would have died before I let a man openly look at my feet. I have read more big scar running the length of both big toes.

My second toe is longer. My feet are… wanky. Shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully, I found a man actually willing he would say, desperate! This means when they look at you they instantly notice the things about your body that make you uniquely a woman. Breasts, hips, ass, curves… Even the way you walk. Your arm flaps do not make this list.

It's a constant battle and costly to keep maintained. The good thing is, once we talk about whatever the issue may be, we usually feel better. The list goes on and on. In fact, we're glad to report that a body hair backlash is on the horizon

Your cellulite does not make this list. Your stretch marks do not make this list. If guys notice a particular body part of yours that you think makes you hideous and I guarantee you they would never use that term they just think it makes you uniquely…you!

And it works the other way, too.


Show off your pedicure I do, now! Or pressed slightly against him in the elevator.

Perfection can go hang; you are up close and personal. Stepford wives are creepy. Of course you want to invest time and energy into a healthy, beautiful body.

What Men Really Think Of Your Body

M en will go silent or ignore you for six main reasons. There are many circumstances that happen to you personally, but when you break down the inner mind of men, their silence starts in one or more of them.

Knowing those reasons could effectively here how you understand men and why they do they things they do. Notify me of new posts by email. One because she says it so well, and two because she nailed it! But you know what your MAN sees? I am a woman.

That chipped tooth you hate? Do you think your lips are too thin?

What Men Really Think Of Your Body

They just love it when you smile at them. They see what you constantly draw their attention to. This is where you have the power to rock or ruin a relationship. A man loves a REAL woman. Celebrate your body and let him do it, too!

You deserve all the fabulous man-attention as he wants to give you! Are You Being Ignored? Why men go silent and ignore women.

Do GUYS care about your BODY TYPE? - #DearHunter

From the narcissistic to the self-centered man and how to spot them before they hurt you. What really happens when YOU ignore a guy and how it makes him feel.

What Men Really Think About Your Body – The Way Guys See You

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