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On July 14, , the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a boundary elimination overlay as the relief method for the area code to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers. What is a boundary elimination area code overlay? In this case, the boundary line between the and area. AREA CODE CALIFORNIA (CA) USA, LOOKUP DIRECTORY, COMPLETE LIST OF ALL CITIES, TOWNS AND COUNTIES. Principle Cities: Modesto, Stockton Real Time in California. State Area Codes. Alabama Area Codes: - - - Alaska Area Codes: Arizona Area Codes: - - - - Arkansas Area Codes: - California Area Codes: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Submitted in Compliance with California Public Utilities. Prepared by Telecommunications Division: Monthly Lottery Allocates Prefixes 10 Number Pooling 11 Improved Number Inventory Management 13 Utilization Studies 17 The Scope of the Utilization Study 18 Distribution Statistics of Prefixes 18 Carriers Reporting 19 Non-Reporting Companies 19 Numbers Available in the Area Code 20 Analysis of Available Numbers 22 Analysis of Wireline Carriers' Contamination Rates 22 Analysis of Wireless Carriers' Contamination Rate 25 Potential Block Contamination Abuses 28 Reclamation of Prefixes 29 See more Numbers 38 Intermediate Numbers 39 The Need to Audit the Data 42 Number Pooling 43 Unassigned Number Porting 46 Like much of the country, California currently is experiencing a numbering crisis.

From to Januarythe number of area codes in this state increased gradually from 3 to During the next three years, however, the number of area codes in California nearly doubled. By the end ofCalifornia had 25 area codes statewide.

Where Is 209 Area Code In California

Without the implementation of major conservation measures, the telecommunications industry had plans underway to add 22 more area codes in California by the end ofresulting in a statewide total of 47 area codes. This study recounts the history of the area code, from its creation in when it was geographically split from the area code.

This report should be viewed in a broader context than the facts pertaining solely to the area code. The report evaluates the status of number availability in the area code, and discusses the various state and federal policies which govern number use in California and nationwide. In addition, the report analyzes number use by carrier category and identifies what measures the CPUC can employ in the and other area codes to improve efficiency of number use in order to avoid prematurely opening new area codes.

Data is self-reported Where Is 209 Area Code In California the companies; the CPUC staff has not audited any utilization data submitted for this study and report. The utilization study sheds new read more on the numbering crisis in the area code.

The data reveals that despite increasing demand for numbers, the area code is not fully utilized. The study found that of the 7. The data further establishes that the area code possesses considerable room for growth, and thus, aggressive measures such as splits or overlays are not yet warranted in the area code.

In NovemberTD completed utilization reports covering the,and area codes, and in March TD completed utilization reports covering the,and area codes. TD released another four utilization Where Is 209 Area Code In California in May covering the,and area codes, and in July released reports on the,and This report on the area code continues TD's analysis covering specific area code number utilization levels.

The area code contains approximately 7. These numbers are available to telecommunications companies which obtain the numbers just click for source the North American Numbering Plan Administrator NANPA1 and in turn, assign the numbers to their customers for their immediate use. Alternatively, companies may reserve numbers for future use, or retain numbers here some internal administrative use.

Some companies provide blocks of numbers to resellers or "dealers", which then assign those numbers to customers.

The FCC deems numbers that companies allocate to resellers to be "intermediate" numbers. In addition, each assigned number, after disconnection, must "age" during a transition period before assignment to the next customer.

In the area code, there are 1. That means details like a person's full name, and their current address. TD anticipates these policies will potentially free more numbers for use in number pooling, to be allocated through the lottery, or to be otherwise used by companies.

Many companies have inventories of numbers in the "aging" process. Finally, some numbers are not available for public use, as they have been set aside for emergency purposes, for technical network support, or for other reasons. The FCC has defined numbers in these five here - assigned, administrative, reserved, intermediate, or aging - as unavailable, either because they are already in use or are designated for some present or future use.

TD's analysis shows that of the 5.

Where Is 209 Area Code In California

Companies possess the remaining unused 3. Wireline carriers, such as Pacific Bell and many competitive local exchange carriers, hold roughly 1. At the same time, the study finds that under FCC rules about 2. The FCC has determined that wireless carriers do not have to participate in the pool at this time. The study further finds that of the 5. The second table shows the distribution that would occur if all the recommendations in this report were implemented.

Finally, the study notes that companies identify 2. TD staff recommends specific measures the CPUC can employ to ensure that companies use those "unavailable" numbers more efficiently.

Given the near doubling of the number of area codes in California, from tothis vital public resource should be used as efficiently and effectively as possible. The CPUC and the telecommunications industry should strive to minimize the quantity of numbers left stranded in company inventories.

California is currently experiencing an explosive demand for telephone numbers and area codes.

Area code was carved out of in reducing the area by half, and establishing a new southern boundary for south of Merced. Like number pooling and the porting of assigned numbers from company to company, UNP is made possible by deployment of LNP. Certain NXX codes have traditionally been reserved or designated for special uses, and have not been available for assignment by carriers for general commercial use in providing telephone numbers to customers. In addition to changing your dialing procedure, all services, automatic dialing equipment, or other types of equipment that are programmed to dial a 7-digit number will need to be reprogrammed to use the new dialing procedure. TD's analysis shows that of the 5.

The increased demand for numbers is due to many factors, including competition for local phone service, as well as the popularity of faxes, pagers, cell phones, internet services, etc.

California's robust economy and the growth in the state's population also contribute to the increased demand for telephone numbers. This increase in demand is complicated by a number allocation system dating from the s that is inefficient in today's competitive marketplace.

Prior toone phone company 6 provided local telephone service to all customers in a particular area and new area codes were opened as the population grew.

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The number of California area codes rose steadily from three in to 13 inand stayed at that level until January By the end ofCalifornia had 25 area codes. The Telecommunications Act of sought to open competition for the local telephone service market and competitive local phone companies 7 began to enter the marketplace, each requiring its own stock of numbers. The traditional system of number allocation was not designed to provide telephone numbers to more than one company.

In the past, when telecommunication companies needed telephone numbers to serve their customers, they received blocks of 10, numbers, i. Because companies were visit web page blocks of 10, numbers, they may have been assigned more numbers than they needed. For example, under this system, a company with only customers would have received a 10, number block, the same quantity of numbers a company with 9, customers would receive.

Thus, numbers are taken in these large blocks, creating an artificial demand for more numbers, which in turn fuels the need to open more area codes.


The need to assign 10, numbers is a practice from the past when one telephone company provided source to all customers in its territory.

Today, with over telecommunications companies in the state needing numbers to serve customers, and with the limited quantity of numbers available in each area code, this process is no longer an efficient way to allocate numbers.

The rise in demand for numbers combined with the inefficient allocation system for numbers has forced the rapid opening of new area codes throughout the state.

Sincethe number of area codes in California has nearly doubled to Without the implementation of major conservation measures, the telecommunications industry had plans underway to add 22 more area codes by the end of With more and more companies needing numbers of their own, new area codes are not necessarily the best solution. The area code was created in when it was split fromone of the three original area codes in California.

Area code was carved out of in reducing the area by half, and establishing a new southern boundary for south of Merced.

Portions of the area code reside in a top MSA and are available for pooling while rate centers not in the top Where Is 209 Area Code In California are not completely open to pooling trials. The exhaust projection was for 2 nd Quarter NANPA more recently projected would run out of numbers in 2 nd quarter After a series of public meetings in Maythe NANPA submitted in August for CPUC consideration an exhaust relief plan containing two alternatives for introducing a new area code into the area presently covered byin order to provide additional numbers for phone company use.

The alternatives submitted included a 2-way geographic split and an all-services overlay. The CPUC has not issued a decision for the area code. The CPUC first wanted to provide an opportunity to determine the feasibility of extending existing number resources, visit web page purpose of this report 8. For those area codes nearing number exhaust, the CPUC has instituted a lottery process to fairly allocate the remaining prefixes among phone companies when demand exceeds supply.

The lottery began in October Currently, the CPUC distributes five prefixes three initial and two growth 9 in the monthly lottery. If more applications are received than can be satisfied in that month, the first applicants chosen by random drawing are assigned a prefix and the remaining applicants are placed on a priority list and receive prefixes Where Is 209 Area Code In California one of the following months' lotteries in the order they were drawn.

Once every company requesting a prefix has received one, a new drawing is held and additional companies are eligible to receive prefixes. Forty-six prefixes have been allocated in the area code through this process between January 1, and December 31, With the CPUC working with companies to reclaim excess prefixes held by companies, twenty-three prefixes have been returned and reclaimed during the same period, for a net distribution of twenty-three prefixes.

During the first nine months oftwenty-two prefixes have been allocated through the lottery, and eleven have been returned to NANPA, for a net distribution of eleven prefixes. As of September 30, there were prefixes available for assignment in the area code. Recognizing the substantial social and economic burdens associated with constant area code changes, the CPUC has read more steps to resolve the numbering crisis.

Responding to widespread public outcry over the proliferation of new area codes, the CPUC suspended, beginning in Decemberall plans for new area codes previously approved.

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In Julythe CPUC adopted number conservation measures, including establishing number pooling trials, fill rates, and sequential numbering.

The CPUC, with FCC approval, has implemented pooling trials in ten area codes, in order to boost the efficiency of phone number allocation.