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20 Feb To fill the void left by Fichtner, Goran Visnjic (Extant) and Elizabeth Mitchell ( Revolution, Once Upon A Time) have joined the cast of Crossing Lines for the new season. Also joining as regulars this season are Stuart Martin and Naomi Battrick. Returning cast members include Donald Sutherland, Lara Rossi. 28 Aug Matt chatted to William Fichtner about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Armageddon, Crossing Lines and more “You're gonna get home and there's gonna be a script there and I want you to read the script, and I hope you like it, because if you do like it, you're gonna leave in 48 hours to go to New York. 23 Feb Show: Crossing Lines. Premiered: June Why Was It Made? Because the world needed a "Leverage meets Interpol" summer burn-off series? Now that I write it out like that, it's not a joke anymore: the world does need that, especially if it stars William Fichtner and Marc Lavoine. Why Did I Stop.

NBC did not broadcast the show after the first season. Canada's CBC aired second-season episodes during late-night hours.

Why Did Tommy Leave Crossing Lines

On 20 Februarythe show was renewed for a twelve-episode, third season. Former New York Police Department officer Carl Hickman's life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job; he has become addicted to morphine and works as a garbage collector at a carnival in the Netherlands.

He is recruited to join the International Criminal Court 's special crime unit a fictional see more. Based in The Hagueit investigates a variety of crimes that cross international boundaries.

The unit includes an anti-organized crime, covert specialist from Italy, a technical specialist from Germany, a crimes analyst and a human-trafficking specialist from France, and a weapons specialist and tactical expert from Northern Ireland. Bernero said that the show would "feel familiar and help viewers find their orientation, but the European locations will make it feel fresh and very new". Tom Conroy of Media Life Magazine found the European flavour of the show, seen in such things as travelling by train to various cities, to be a refreshing change from the norm of American shows.

He felt that Donald Sutherland was cast purely for the name-recognition factor and that he was given some lines in which he philosophically talks to pigeons as a means of justifying the cost of casting him.

Overall, Conroy found it an "unimaginative procedural" that, despite its title, "generally colors within the lines". He felt the presence of Donald Sutherland was a benefit to the show. Joanne Ostrow of Heritage Newspapers felt the show to be a "contrivance for foreign sales more than a serious drama". Crossing Lines has been criticised as misrepresenting the International Criminal Court's nature and purpose, which, in reality, only has jurisdiction over crimes against humanitywar crimes and genocide.

Without all the shooting, Crossing Lines is more closely related to the special crimes investigations unit of the first International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague in the Netherlands. These crime investigators from all over the world do indeed operate across national jurisdictional lines in connection with major crimes such as murder, rape, torture and kidnapping that occurred in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Crossing Lines airs in Germany on Sat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Edward Allen Bernero Rola Bauer. Germany United States Italy France [1]. Detective, Police Service of Northern Ireland. DetectivePolice Nationale. Police inspector, Milan [10].

I'm as surprised as you are to learn that it's still eligible for shot-giving; I assumed some NBC exec led it around back of 30 Rock in August of and put everyone involved out of their misery. Lead Agent Louis Daniel shoots him instead, and Hickman takes that gun to avoid an international incident. The gadgets weren't anywhere near as top notch as the first two seasons. Use mdy dates from August All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October But summer is still kind of slow, and it's a procedural with lots of accents and art theft, so I thought, why not.

Four women have been killed, their bodies left in wooded areas of parks in major European cities. The coroner discovers wounds on the victim which hint at the killer toying with his intended prey. A shoe from the crime scene is traced to a store where the killer abducts Anne-Marie, while Hickman is out in the car taking care of a morphine fix for the pain in his hand.

The killer is able to slip through a roadblock because his car has American Embassy plates. The team deduces that the killer was at the latest crime scene and identify him as Gerald Wilhoit Eddie Jemisonfrom a security video of him purchasing a dog he later killed in the park. They also determine that he has taken Anne-Marie to a Berlin park. He wounds her and tells her to run, but she stands Why Did Tommy Leave Crossing Lines to him, buying her team time to find their location.

Hickman chases after him when Wilhoit mortally stabs Sienna. Hickman continue reading unable to shoot him, due to his incapacity to load his gun's chamber with his wounded hand.

Lead Agent Louis Daniel shoots Why Did Tommy Leave Crossing Lines instead, and Hickman takes that gun to avoid an international incident. Last appearance of Sienna Pride. The team's research finds two other similar cases over the past year from other countries.

At the victim's apartment, a forensic scan reveals the ingested poison to be Poloniumalso known as "The Terminator". Image from security cameras show the woman who entered with the victim to be Irish national Nicole Ryan Erin Richards.

Hickman finds the fake Van Gogh painting. When a previous victim's Vermeer is traced to a warehouse, the team finds two of Ryan's cohorts. One of them mentions mysterious crime lord "The Russian", a man who had Ryan poison her victims to see if the polonium worked. The other gives up Ryan's next target in Prague. Agent Eva Vittoria poses as a server at an art gallery.


She has a geiger counter in her earpiece that alerts her when she is near Ryan. The team surrounds Ryan as she is holding a glass of champagne. She reveals that her male victims seduced young women; she then drinks the poison.

The team uncovers a murder ring involving European truck drivers. A mechanic involved disables family vehicles, force the parents to fight each other, with the orphaned children being cared for by the mechanic's wife.

Hickman and Louis notice a resemblance between the boy and Sebastian and ask if the boy is his, but do not receive an answer.

Both of the Netherlands Natives could not believe how stupid she was being; didn't she know that these guys were gun wielding psychos. Two episodes in, I like the concept of a criminal drama show without the US backdrop. So the show can be watched as one watches an alternate reality. She then repeated what she had already done, starting with the Hail Mary and just continuing on to the next and then on again.

Anne-Marie remembers a similar case in Florence a few months prior. Maxim's divorced parents arrive at the scene. Hickman notices Lev's nervousness and gets him to admit that a kidnapping insurance policy, which covers any ransom demands, was placed on his family. Lev also admits that Maxim had a tracer microchip implanted to get a discount on the policy.

Sebastian traces the microchip to link local family villa.

They find it, excised and bloody, sealed with a note mentioning future contact. The team sets up camp at the villa for any such contact. Eva is sent to Florence to check for connections between cases. Louis gets a call from Dorn, asking why the team is investigating his contact regarding Dimitrov, who is crime lord "The Russian".

Louis realizes Lev is the contact, as the Marianksi financial records are being checked out and the abductors are Russian. Lev pleads for more time. The link is severed by an explosion at the villa. The explosion was contained to the house's security room.

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The kidnapper's liaison Nadine Warmuth monitors the villa from a nearby security camera and is told to call Lev Marianski. Talking to the team over Lev's speakerphone, she mentions enough for Hickman to realize they are being watched.


The team uses the local police station as a hub. The kidnappers enter the next stage of the plan by putting Maxim in an airtight container with a limited supply of oxygen running into it.

Why Did Tommy Leave Crossing Lines

In Florence, Eva meets with the only witness from the previous similar case, an art school's guidance counselor, Katya, who we know is the liaison. Katya cuts the meeting short and appears to be withholding information. Eva follows her to discover the video link between the kidnappers and the Marianskis. The two women fight and Katya is shot and killed.